Harvest looks to resume exploratory drilling offshore Gabon

Harvest Natural Resources has issued a progress report on the Dussafu project offshore Gabon.

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HOUSTONHarvest Natural Resources has issued a progress report on the Dussafu projectoffshore Gabon.

In mid-2014, the Direction Generale Des Hydrocarbures awarded the partners anexclusive exploitation authorization (EEA) for the development and exploitation of four oil discoveries and approved the field development plan later that year.

The terms of the concession require production to start within four years of the EEA approval.

Harvest has continued to move toward development of the Ruche exclusive exploitation area, completing a tender early last year for all the subsea equipment. However, prices exceeded projected costs, leading to negotiations with the lowest priced vendors and an attempt to revise the scheme to bring costs back to the originally envisaged levels.

The depth volume from the 2013 3D seismic acquisition over the discovered fields and the license’s outboard area has been interpreted and Harvest has incorporated this data into its reservoir models. Work also continues to optimize well trajectories in order to maximize oil recovery.

In addition, the partners have high graded several new prospects for drilling this year. To accommodate the drilling schedule, a site survey was conducted last August which involved acquiring bathymetry and geophysical data with respect to prospects A/B, 6/7, and 8/9.

The partners have since completed tenders for a drilling rig for the planned well, well testing, and other services.

Harvest is looking to farm down some of its 66.667% interest in the block and drill an exploration well on a prospect identified on 3D seismic, which could hold multiple pay zones in the Gamba and Dentale formations. These provide oil-bearing sands in the four discoveries on the Dussafu block and on the adjacent Etame offshore block.


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