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Peter Tang Singapore Enterprise's Bayon Field in Cambodia's Block 2. Occidental's Jintan 3 off Sarawak. Muda Field development in the Thai-Malay JDA.

Peter Tang

Brunei's Maharaj Lela set for development

Elf Aquitaine (37.5% operator), and partners Fletcher Energy (35%), Jasra (22.5%) and Pengiran (5%), announced in late December that they are to proceed with the development of the Maharaj Lela gas/condensate field in Block B. Total development costs through to first production in January 1999 are estimated at US$230 million. the decision to proceed with the project was made following the successful Maharaja Lela-3 wildcat/delineation well, which was suspended on 13 September. After drilling to a TD of 3950 meters in Upper Miocene sandstones, flows of 29.1 MMcf/d gas plus 440 b/d condensate and 1887 b/d oil plus 7.5 MMcf/d gas were recorded from the J1 sands and an undisclosed formation respectively. The development agreement incorporated a pricing formula which effectively links the price of the Maharaja Lela gas to oil prices in Japan.

Cambodia Block 2 drilled by Enterprise

Enterprise has concluded its three well drilling program in Block 2 in the Khmer Trough. Bayon-1 was spudded on 3 November using the Canmar Explorer III drillship on 72 meters of water, targeting the back of the fault block 3.4 km southwest of Angkor-1. Bayon #1 was drilled to a TD of 3744 meters and encountered approximately 14 meters of hydrocarbon pay, but was not tested. Enterprise and its partners British Gas (20%) and Total (30%) now plan to evaluate the results of Bayon-1 (and the previous two well Da-1 and Preah Khan-1), before deciding whether or not to proceed with the block.

China awards new Pearl River contracts

Several new contracts have recently been awarded in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, as a result of a low key promotional round held by CNOOC in midyear. On 2 December UK-based independent Cairn Energy was awarded PSCAs 15/26 and 15/35, covering 1260 sq km and 945 sq km respectively. Work commitments include drilling on both of the new blocks. These awards were followed on 10 December by Kerr McGee (50%), Santa Fe (40%) and Sino-American Energy (10%) signing for the 3050 sq km PSCA 27/11. The work obligation in the first phase is for seismic acquisition plus one well.

Elsewhere, the South Yellow Sea Basin recently saw its first license award since 1991 when, on 25 November, Triton Energy was awarded a Joint Study Agreement covering 15,000 sq km over the Wunansha Uplift. JSA 24/10 has a work commitment of seismic reprocessing only, and will run for 12 months.

Malaysia's Jintan-3, Helang wells spudded

In SK-8 in the Central Luconia Basin, Occidental's Jintan-3 appraisal has been suspended as a gas/condensate well. The well had been spudded on 26 October using Atwood's Hunter semisubmersible in 125 meters of water, and was the first exploration or delineation well to be drilled in 1996 outside of the Malay Basin. Jintan-3 had a prognosed TD of 1852 meters and targeted a Miocene reef, 6.1 km south-southwest of Jintan-1.

In the Baram Delta Basin, Japan's Nippon Exploration (Malaysia) spudded wildcat NW Helang-1 in SK-10 on 27 December, using the Sedco 600 semisubmersible. The well is designed to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of Pliocene sandstones and it has a prognosed TD of approximately 2286 meters, somewhat shallower than the previous well on the main Helang structure. Currently the well is drilling ahead in 171/2-inch hole at an undisclosed depth.

Thailand's Bussabong and Benchamas active

In B12/32 in the Malay Basin, Texaco's Bussabong-2X wildcat is being prepared for abandonment, after reaching a TD of 2896 meters. DSTs are understood to have been conducted and a flow of gas is expected to be confirmed by the company in the near future. The well was spudded on 1 November using Diamond Drilling's Ocean General semisubmersible and had a prognosed TD of 3081 meters, targeting Miocene sandstones.

Over in B8/32, Danish operator Maersk has been active on the Benchamas structure in the Pattani Basin. Benchamas-8 was suspended as an oil, gas and condensate well, on or around 11 December, and the rig moved to the Benchamas-6 location. This well was then spudded on or around 12 December and is currently drilling ahead towards the objective Oligo-Miocene sandstones.

Malaysia/Thailand JDA Muda 2 and 3 spudded

In MTJDA Block B-17 in the Malay Basin, CPOC's Muda-3 is currently testing having reached an undisclosed TD. It is understood that two DSTs have been conducted with a third ongoing. This exploration well was spudded on 13 November in 63 meters of water using Atwood's Falcon semisubmersible, and has a prognosed TD of 2500 meters targeting Miocene sandstones. Meanwhile, the Muda-2 exploration well was spudded on or around 9 December using the Actina semisubmersible, in approximately 63 meters of water. Having reached an undisclosed TD, preparations are currently being made for a testing program.

Vietnam wildcat drilling on Block 05-3

On 5 December AEDC spudded its sixth well in Block 05-3 in South Con Son Basin. The 05-3-CTT-1X wildcat is being drilled in 130 meters of water using the Stena Clyde semisubmersible, and has a prognosed TD of 2819 meters targeting Upper Miocene sandstones. It is located approximately 10 km east-northeast of AEDC's 05-3-MT-1RX (gas shows) and approximately nine km west-northwest of BP's 05-2-KCT-1X (ST) (5075 b/d oil and 15.4 MMcf/d gas).

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