New Products and Services

The Centralized Offset Release Control System by Hamilton Safety Enhanced Tools, Ltd. is a remote-release, crane-hook system that ejects the load ring by remote radio control and prevents workers from having to enter the danger zone.

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Crane hook system

The Centralized Offset Release Control System by Hamilton Safety Enhanced Tools, Ltd. is a remote-release, crane-hook system that ejects the load ring by remote radio control and prevents workers from having to enter the danger zone. It has full backup maintenance service and product training as an integral part of the service. The system is user-friendly, has continued product development, and offers an option to purchase or hire outright. Prices are competitive, and the system offers customer service management.

Environmentally sensitive pumps

A joint-venture between Mono Pumps and Baroid Drilling Fluids, both part of the Halliburton company, resulted in a system that uses mono pumps to handle oil-based, mud-contaminated drill cuttings as opposed to the traditional open system. The system is an environmentally-conscious alternative, ensuring that the operation is carried out in a truly zero discharge method.

Downhole products

Downhole & Design International Corporation introduces their line of products. Products are the D&D Overshot, a fishing apparatus to retrieve fish that have minimal or no external fishing neck at all; and the D&D Holefinder, a tubing apparatus used to test entire tubing strings, isolate sections of tubing to locate leaks, or to test gas lift mandrels. The Holefinder can also be used as a circulating plug.

Hydraulic gauge stabilizer

Toolbox Drilling Solutions Ltd. introduces the Hydrostab, a hydraulic variable gauge stabilizer with the shortest vgs on the market, pumps off to change the gauge, and pumps on to lock the gauge. The stabilizer has a patented hydraulic actuation system and an internal cartridge for simple maintenance. Other features of the hydrostab are the optional melon-shaped pistons for above and below motor runs and 200-psi surface indication fully adjustable over the hole. The hydrostab offers choke-changeable over the hole and low-pressure drop across the tool.

Satellite communications

The Station 12 SAT.400 service is a direct link used to communicate between the Inmarsat-C satellite network and the Internet. The service allows messages and files to be sent to every fixed Internet subscriber. The service benefits people who operate in remote locations all around the world, and is most beneficial to individuals in standard offices because one can still communicate with Inmarsat-C terminals.

Customized vessel coverage

Cummins Marine, a division of Cummins, Inc., announced a new extended coverage program available for commercial propulsion and auxiliary diesel engines. The new program, called Encompass, is a flexible extended warranty that allows the customer to choose the most appropriated coverage to suit a vessel's operation. Encompass coverage is available worldwide for all Cummins commercial marine engines and is fully transferable without additional cost to the customer and covers the cost of removal and reinstallation for the engine when necessary to make repairs.

Gas systems

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The GENERON® HPMB 6500 Series is a lightweight and compact unit that provides on-site nitrogen generation for offshore oil and gas drilling operations. The unit's small footprint and lightweight aluminum casing provides efficient use of limited space requirements for offshore platform applications.

Composite expansion joint

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Senior Flexonics Pathway developed the Dextra, composite expansion joint for high temperature oper-ations used for gas turbines and other industrial applic-ations. The technology tested at elevated temperatures, pressures and movements, simulating the operating environment of a large gas turbine. This new expansion joint technology addresses both the composite (fabric, wire, foil) and metal frame components of the expansion joint and provides a solution for thermal change conditions in gas turbine operation.

Bore alignment

Ludeca, Inc. developed the Boralign® for measuring bores and bearings in internal combustion engines, compressors, turbines, and pumps. It determines whether multiple bores are inline with one another and with the rotating centerline of the shaft. It also measures shaft guides in marine propulsion. The versatile bracketing covers the entire range of diameters from 5" to 30". It is available as a stand-alone system or as an add-on package to the Rotalign®Pro laser-shaft alignment system.

Downhole pumps

R&M Energy Systems published a new product overview about its line of Moyno® Down-Hole pumps. These progressing cavity pumps are specifically designed for crude extraction and gas well dewatering. The new bulletin includes a complete product overview that lists dimensions and capacities for all models. Moyno® Down-Hole Pumps require minimal maintenance because they have only one moving part. In addition, lower input energy requirements result in reduced operating costs.

Industry job website is a branch-specific job site for the oil and gas industry. A mobile workforce characterizes this sector, with short- to medium-term contracts and highly specialized skills. The website launched this summer as a global recruiting resource for the oil and gas industry. The site focuses exclusively on field personnel-environmental special-ists, drillers, mechanics, divers, project managers, and other disciplines.

Acquisition doubles inventory

Stabil Drill's acquisition of Drilling Logistics, Inc. (DLI) will add to the Stabil Drill's more than 11,000 stabilizers and non-magnetic drill collars and subs for domestic or international rental or sale. DLI is ISO 9001-and API-approved. The company has a sales office in Sheffield, UK, which will cover Europe, the Mid East and Far East, and a Canadian manufac-turing and repair facility in St. John's, Newfoundland. DLI has used the St. John's facility to manufacture and repair most of the tools built for the multi-operator Hibernia project.

Pentaplex pumps

Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering Inc. introduces Hydra-Cell D35 Series Industrial Pumps. The pumps incorporate five Hydra-Cells into a pentaplex design, enabling the pump to provide steady flow under demanding conditions. The D35 is suitable for pumping a variety of materials from ultrapure fluids to corrosives and slurries. The pump produces higher flow and pressure capabilities in a compact design.

Excavator system

Sonsub Ltd. in Aberdeen developed the Aeolus, a new ROV deployed excavator system that delivers mass excavation of seabed material strength less than 20kPa or excavation of seabed material, which has been previously cut or fluidized. Aeolus, is designed to match the Sonsub INNOVATORTM ROV. Providing a 300 Hp capability at 3000 meters water depth, the Aeolus/INNOVATORTM combination is a buoyant submersible that uses conventional ROV propulsion techniques to navigate from the surface to the work-site.

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