Trillion Energy to start drilling in Black Sea soon

Aug. 22, 2022
The drilling rig is currently being prepared and is expected to arrive Aug. 29.

Offshore staff

VANCOUVER, B.C.  Trillion Energy International Inc. has announced that the Uranus drilling rig is being prepared to move to the SASB natural gas field, Black Sea, for the company’s multi-well drilling program and is expected to arrive on Aug. 29.

Trillion's multi-well drilling development program initially includes seven natural gas production wells set to come online during a time when acute natural gas shortages are menacing Europe and Turkey, the company said. Natural gas prices continue to spike through historical records as the prospect of a cold winter looms with the worst shortages expected to come.

The rig is undergoing a rigorous inspection, survey and permitting process, where Trillion has hired ModuSpec UK to carry out an inspection and testing before the rig is deployed. The process is going as planned, with no major problems being identified to date. Final inspection and acceptance is anticipated on or about Aug. 26 at which time the rig will be hauled by marine ships to the SASB gas field.

Transport time is expected to be three days. When it arrives, the rig will be positioned at the Akcakoca offshore production platform. Positioning and jack up of the rig should take one day, weather permitting. Other preparations will take two more days before the first well is spud on or about Sept. 1.

CEO Arthur Halleran said, “We are pleased to announce a clear path to drilling and gas production. We are counting the days before we embark on this historic milestone achievement to bring substantial new gas production into the region at a critical time."