Weatherford saves 27 hours of rig time for offshore Brazil operator

April 15, 2020
The oilfield services provider says it saved an operator 27.5 hours of deepwater rig time.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON – Weatherford International reports that it saved an operator 27.5 hours of deepwater rig time with an integrated completion solution it developed to install downhole equipment in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil.

“A deepwater challenge is the ultimate equation of time equals money and Weatherford saved this operator more than 27 hours of rig time,” said Brent Baumann, President, Completions and Production, Weatherford. “RFID technology enabled Weatherford’s Optibarrier, Optimax and OptiValve to seamlessly work together and successfully complete the job in one-fifth the time it would have taken using competitors’ equipment.”

Weatherford said that the RFID Optibarrier valve required 2.5 hours to fully open to access the formation. Compared to valves from competitors, which can reportedly take 12 hours to open, Weatherford officials said that the OPtibarrier valve saved at least 9.5 hours. The company says that a unique assembly process enabled the tubing hanger assembly to be rigged up and tested in the workshop, saving at least six hours of rig time. The OptiValve tubing isolation valve is said to have facilitated production tree installation without requiring slickline intervention, saving 12 hours of rig time.