OE 2019: Portal aims to improve Lundin Norway’s drilling operations

Sept. 3, 2019

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN, UK Eigen has rolled out a digital portal for Lundin Norway’s drilling operations.

The Drilling Portal is now live and combines remote monitoring of information from multiple different systems to provide a quick and intuitive overview of all drilling operations. A search functionality also allows access across historic information, reports, and ‘lessons learned’.

This eliminates the time spent by operatives looking for information and attempting to understand current status to allow them to focus on priority tasks. It also reduces email clutter and enables drilling management to share accurate information across departments – reducing the risk of acting on incorrect information and improving shared awareness.

The portal has been deployed under a new type of agreement called Development as a Service (DaaS), and its underlying system is the first of its kind in drilling operations, according to Eigen.

Traditionally drilling operations involve emailing multiple reports and spreadsheets across many different stakeholders. This caused inefficiency and challenges in identifying the current status of operations while increasing the risk of accidentally acting on erroneous information.

To address this, the system also includes smart email processing to extract and store relevant information from emails for display search to reduce inbox clutter and a news channel for publishing relevant internal content.

Lundin’s Project Lead, Martin Westeng, said: “We are proud to have developed and launched this portal in collaboration with Eigen. Its users will now have much easier access to the correct information and an enhanced ability to access it, alongside a reduction in inbox clutter.

“The portal will go a long way towards making platform operatives more efficient and helping them to spend less time looking for information. In the near future we plan to add further digital functionality enhancements to the platform.”

Eigen has been Lundin’s digitalization partner since 2015. During this time, it has helped Lundin to deliver operations dashboards, real-time visibility of people offshore, two mobile apps, a wearable, a digital meetings and reports facility, and the ability to search across multiple systems.