Talos finds more oil in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Aug. 9, 2019

Offshore staff

HOUSTON – In 2Q, Talos Energy hit oil pay at the Bulleit and Orlov prospects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Drilling operations are concluding at the Bulleit prospect in Green Canyon block 21. The well encountered about 140 ft (43 m) of net true vertical depth (TVD) oil pay in the shallow target, the DTR-10 Sand, and about 110 ft (34 m) of net TVD oil pay in the deeper MP Sand.

The company said it experienced delays and additional costs during drilling due to difficult hole conditions below the DTR-10 Sand that necessitated a side track of the original well path to a new directional plan. Additionally, the drillship Noble Don Taylor moved off location during Hurricane Barry.

The well will be completed in the first half of 2020 and then tied back to the Talos-owned and operated Green Canyon 18 fixed platform located about 10 mi (16 km) west of Bulleit.

The Bulleit prospect, originally generated by EnVen Energy, is now 50% owned and operated by Talos, with EnVen and Otto Energy owning 33.3% and 16.7%, respectively.

At the Orlov prospect in Green Canyon block 200 the well initially encountered about 100 ft (30 m) of net true vertical thickness oil pay in the main target Aspen J sand, as well as additional pay sands in shallower zones along the same trap.

Operator Fieldwood Energy has a rig on location and will soon re-enter the well and drill an appraisal side track to optimize the well location in relation to the discovered resources.

Initial production from Orlov is expected in 1Q 2020 and will be tied back to the Fieldwood-operated Bullwinkle fixed platform. Talos owns a 30% working interest.

In the shallow water Gulf of Mexico, the A-2 ST-2 well in Ewing Bank block 306 was brought online via a dual completion in the deepest two of five hydrocarbon-bearing zones in early May at a rate of about 1,300 boe/d gross, 1,000 boe/d net to Talos. Subsequently, the well reached a production rate of about 1,700 boe/d gross, 1,400 boe/d net to the company. Talos owns a 100% working interest.

Also, in Ewing Bank block 306, the A-10 ST-2 well found about 95 ft (29 m) of net TVD pay in the Miocene geological section that was first discovered in the A-20 ST well in 2018. Production was brought online on July 24 and reached rate of about 2,600 boe/d gross, 2,100 boe/d net to the company. Talos owns a 100% working interest.

On July 2, drilling began on the A-22 well in Grand Isle block 82. It will target a series of Miocene sands at about 14,600 ft (4,450 m) TVD. If successful, the company expects first production in 4Q at an initial rate of 2,500- 3,500 boe/d gross, 2,200-3,100 boe/d net. Talos owns a 100% working interest.