CircSub achieves fast clean-up of North Sea wellhead base

The DAV MX CircSub at work.
The DAV MX CircSub at work.
Churchill Drilling Tools

The DAV MX CircSubThe DAV MX CircSubChurchill Drilling ToolsOffshore staff

ABERDEEN, UKChurchill Drilling Tools says its DAV MX CircSub has improved a North Sea operator’s wellhead base jetting operations.

Having completed a drilling program, the client had to remove cuttings debris from its wellhead base prior to wellhead installation.

However, local sea currents were not sufficient to wash away the cuttings naturally, and the operator wanted to avoid the cost of a dedicated jetting assembly run.

The company decided to run the DAV MX CircSub in the drillstring. After remaining dormant through the drilling phase, the device was activated using a Churchill smart dart to achieve a jetting bypass of 1,200 gallons/min.

The high velocity of the fluid jetting through the device’s four custom angled ports was strong enough to remove the cuttings via two 30-minute sweeps of the wellhead base, allowing the wellhead to be installed soon afterwards.

Elsewhere in the UK offshore sector, the tool was deployed last month to improve hole cleaning, displacements, curing losses and abandonments for various operators.


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