SMD makes leadership changes

July 27, 2021
Julian Zhu has succeeded Mike Jones as CEO of Soil Machine Dynamics.

Offshore staff

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UK – Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has made several changes to its senior leadership team.

CEO Mike Jones has moved to chairman. He will focus on the strategic development of the company, as well as helping the new leadership team and chairing the board.

Julian Zhu has taken over as CEO. He is responsible for the SMD Group’s operations in both Newcastle and Shanghai.

Dr. Paul Davison has become Deputy CEO, Sales & Marketing. This carries responsibility for all front of house activities in sales, project management, service and marketing.

Sarah Lawson has become COO. She is responsible for all back of house activities in planning, procurement, engineering, logistics, production, and commissioning.

Richard Howarth has stepped down as CFO, but remains as an adviser while the company recruits a new UK-based CFO.

Chris Wilkinson has also stepped down as CTO, but remains as an adviser during the transition to a new CTO early next year.


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