North Sea operators to trial subsea cementing technique

Chevron and Siccar Point Energy have agreed to conduct trials of DeltaTek Global’s SeaCure subsea cementing system this summer in two live offshore wells.

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN, UK – DeltaTek Global has completed two onshore field trials of its SeaCure subsea cementing system.

Following successful results, Chevron andSiccar Point Energy have agreed to conduct trials of the technology this summer in two live offshore wells, down to a depth of 5,000 ft (1,524 m), under a project backed by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre.

SeaCure delivers stabbed-in inner string cementing for subsea wells. The initial proof-of- concept trials took place in April in an onshore test well at Frank’s International’s Aberdeen base.

DeltaTek aims to initiate a full product launch in September.

CEO Tristam Horn said: “With the ability to undertake offshore cement jobs in any range of water depths, SeaCure’s inherent benefits include improved success rates of cement placement back to the seabed for conductor and surface casings, performing a pressure test of a subsea casing string prior to and post cementation, as well as entirely eliminating a clean-out run from a subsea drilling program.”


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