Ikon launches RokDoc upgrade

Ikon Science has launched RokDoc software version 5.2.

Offshore staff

TEDDINGTON, UK --Ikon Science has launched RokDoc software version 5.2.

The software suite uses rock physics models to integrate well data, geology, and seismic data.

RokDoc 5.2 features three major new areas of functionality:

  • New Modeling While Picking Petrel plug-in provides real-time rock physics and seismic modeling capability inside the Petrel environment.
  • The rewritten RokDoc-2D module targeted at the QI interpreter. Real seismic, horizon, and well data now can populate realistic 2D models within a stratigraphic framework, allowing a comparison between synthetic and real seismic data.
  • PressureView GeoPressure analysis application from GeoPressure Technology has been rewritten and incorporated as a major new module of the RokDoc suite to give easy to use pressure analysis and access to new visualization and analysis tools.

    New interface and data visualization for RokDoc 5.2 software:
  • A wholly new user interface has the capability to drag and drop data and wells; add, move, remove, and resize tracks with a single mouse click; and show all data in a new tree form.
  • Cross-plot overlay capabilities allow simultaneous linking of multiple models with users' data.
  • Enhanced links to OpenSpirit
  • New Dry Rock Gassmann Fluid Substitution
  • Implemented FLAG consortium Fluid Algorithms.


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