BP selects ClikLoc connectors

BP Norge has contracted Sandvik Riser Technology to implement its Sandvik ClikLoc system offshore Norway.

Offshore staff

STAVANGER, Norway -- BP Norge has contracted Sandvik Riser Technology to implement its Sandvik ClikLoc system offshore Norway. The connectors will be used in tree running tool tasks and in coil and wire line operations.

Sandvik ClikLoc is described as a `rapid action’ connector for demanding topside and riser applications. According to Sandvik, it simplifies tube connections, and cuts make and break times by up to 80%.

The efficiency improvement comes from the reduced rig-up/rig-down time (around 10-15 seconds per connection). This, Sandvik claims, compares favorably with conventional connectors that can take up to an hour to assemble.

The connector, based on male and female parts which form a seat for the sealing ring, comprises a radial extending annular stem with a first and second axial seal support portion. The female part is axially assembled to the male part and therefore compresses the seal support portions, making the sealing area compress in a radial direction.

Sandvik says the system brings substantial time reductions during drill stem tests when a landing string system is connected to the wellhead. With traditional technology, the final connection of the landing string is effected by rotating the assembly below the surface flow tree after first disconnecting hoses and other connector.

Using a ClikLoc connector for the last connection below the surface flow tree, the connection can be made without rotation of the surface flow tree, avoiding the need to disconnect hoses or other connectors.

The connector is rated for operational pressures of up to 10,000 psi (689 bar). Titanium grade 28 is used for the metallic seal of the connector, because its mechanical strength and low e-module serve well as a seal ring material.

The body of the connector is manufactured in Sandvik SAF 2507 super duplex steel using Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) of gas atomized powder. HIP’ed products are completely dense, homogeneous and isotropic, whihc improves the product’s fatigue life by around 20% compared to carbon steel.


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