New communication tools roll out

A new communication tool for professionals is directed at Oil and gas industry employees.

Offshore staff

LONDON --A new communication tool for professionals is directed at oil and gas industry employees. An extension of the 2008 release of is redesigned for more functions and features specifically for the industry. These new functions include free video roundtables, executive broadcasts, and "smartwords" according to the company.

"A new central console 'feeds' members specific content, people, and broadcasts based on their activity across the site – from the weather where they are or where they are going to tweets, blogs, contacts, and their favorite newspaper," says Harlan Davis, site director.

Rolling out at the same time is MeettheBossTV, an online television channel also dedicated to industry. The first week of broadcasts will focus on Middle East Exploration, the company says, with Michael Noble, VP for Exploration at Jura Energy, and Ibraheem Assaadan, VP for Exploration at Saudi Aramco.


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