Expro launches ActiveSONAR metering technology at OTC

Expro has launched the ActiveSONAR metering technology at OTC .09.

Offshore staff

READING, UK -- Expro has launched the ActiveSONAR metering technology at OTC .09. The clamp-on sonar technology can be retrofitted to a wide range of applications and is designed to address the flow rates and heavy schedule piping encountered in upstream oil and gas applications.

The meters can be deployed on new or existing installations, and lowers both the technical risks and operating costs associated with flow measurement, according to Expro.

The technology can measure primary gas flow rates over a wide range of wet gas mixtures and can be used for new and existing well installations.

Sonar flow measurement uses sonar-array processing technology to measure volumetric flow rates within pipes by determining the speed at which naturally-occurring, coherent flow structures flow past an array of sensors clamped on to the outside of the pipe. Specifically, sonar flow measurement technology leverages the 'beam forming' techniques, originally developed in underwater acoustics, to determine the location of sound sources underwater.

Sonar flow measurement is applicable to single and two-phase multiphase flows and Expro Meters is developing three-phase meters around this technology. The clamp-on capability is particularly useful for applications in which intrusive flow measurement devices are not practical, the company says.


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