AnTech unveils slip ring collector

AnTech has unveiled a new slip ring collector.

Offshore staff

EXETER, UK -- AnTech has unveiled a new slip ring collector. With this new product, AnTech now offers a comprehensive electrical connection package, from the end of the downhole tool through to where it terminates in the control cabin.

The electrical Slip Ring Collector device provides electrical continuity between the rotating reel core and the surface data acquisition equipment. This is achieved by fitting it to the axle of a CT or wireline reel. By doing so, it eliminates the rotational aspect of the CT reel, and connects the collector bulkhead through the rotating reel core to the data acquisition equipment.

AnTech’s Wireline in CT Range for Logging and Perforating features:
• Single and seven-conductor Logging Heads/Cableheads with customer-specified upper and lower connections, shear pin or electrical release and three ODs
• Deployment Bars
• Collector Bulkhead: single or seven-conductor options
• Slip Ring Collector: four or seven-conductor options.


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