Schlumberger releases MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system

Schlumberger has released the MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system.

Offshore staff

DOHA, Qatar -- Schlumberger has released the MaxCO3Acid degradable diversion acid system. The polymer-free, non-damaging acidizing system can be used for matrix and fracture stimulation in carbonate reservoirs with permeability contrasts or natural fractures.

The MaxCO3 Acid system is designed to be used in oil or gas wells in both open-hole and cased-hole intervals, regardless of deviation.

The treatment has been applied to the Khuff carbonate formation in Qatar’s main North field reservoir, the largest gas field in the world. Wells drilled in this thick, heterogenic reservoir are susceptible to large variations in transmissibility (kh). In addition, high permeability contrasts between zones are common—up to a factor of 100—and the hydrostatic column of stimulation fluids in these typical, deep gas wells tend to stimulate the bottom zones at the expense of the upper reservoir layers

MaxCO3 Acid treatments can be bullheaded or pumped through coiled tubing, batch-mixed for small volume jobs, or mixed on the fly for larger treatments.


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