Mammoet unveils new cranes

Mammoet has unveiled the PTC 120 DS and PTC 160 DS cranes.

Offshore staff

SCHIEDAM, Netherlands – Mammoet has unveiled the PTC 120 DS and PTC 160 DS cranes. The new cranes have a maximum operating radius of 200 and 205.5 m (656 and 674 ft). In between heavy lifts the cranes can also be used for smaller lifts. The long reach (radius) means that the cranes can handle many loads without having to move, the company says.

The PTC 120 DS and PTC 160 DS carry the ballast (maximum 3,400 metric tons [3,748 tons]) on rings, and can operate in confined areas. The ring design enables the cranes to slew (rotate) a full circle on its bogies relatively quickly. The cranes can also move in a straight line on the bogies while carrying a load on the hook. The whole crane can also be relocated on the job site using SPMTs (self-propelled modular transporters), or on its own bogies.

PTC cranes use winches for lifting heavy loads quickly. The PTC 120 DS and 160 DS also have auxiliary winches that can lift smaller loads at even higher speeds. The PTC concept is based on a rigid ring (PTC 120 DS: 30 m [98 ft], PTC 160 DS: 41 m [135 ft]) which forms the base of the crane and allows it to slew (rotate).The cranes break down into sections the size and weight of standard shipping containers for easy transportation, the company says

Other advantages of the PTC family include the relatively low loads imposed on the ground under the crane; duplicated engines and safety systems for greater reliability; hydraulic leveling; and high stability, the company says.


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