NVIDIA unveils new visualization solutions

NVIDIA has unveiled Quadro Plex solutions.

Offshore staff

NEW ORLEANS -- NVIDIA has unveiled Quadro Plex solutions. The visual computing platforms are designed to power a wide range of ultra-high resolution and multi-channel collaboration environments - ranging from interpretation desktops to visualization walls to network operations centers.

Quadro Plex-based solutions enable professionals in fields such as energy exploration, architectural design, medical research, and consumer packaged goods to run any software application across multiple ultra-high resolution displays or projectors, facilitating accurate and timely decision making.

The solutions are built on the NVIDIA Quadro Plex visual computing system, featuring two Quadro FX 5800 GPUs and 8 GB of memory. By connecting two Quadro Plex systems to a single workstation, users can view images at a resolution of 36 megapixels, span visuals across two 4K projectors or eight auto-synchronized displays, and drive stereoscopic 3D content.

“The massive leap in GPU computing power of our Quadro Plex solutions is enabling customers to interact with their data in ways that previously were not possible,” says Jeff Brown, GM of professional solutions for NVIDIA. “With the introduction of our turnkey scalable visualization solutions, NVIDIA is taking what used to be a complex issue for customers, and delivering plug-and-play simplicity at one tenth the cost.”


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