Schlumberger unveils InSitu Family reservoir fluid measurements

Schlumberger has unveiled the InSitu Family reservoir fluid measurements.

Offshore staff

KUALA LUMPUR -- Schlumberger has unveiled the InSitu Family reservoir fluid measurements. These measurements are acquired with the InSitu Fluid Analyzer system, which delivers the next generation of measurements for real-time downhole fluid analysis (DFA), the company says.

Today the InSitu Family portfolio comprises seven measurement services:
• InSitu Composition -hydrocarbon fluid composition measurement
• InSitu GOR - reservoir fluid gas/oil ratio measurement
• InSitu CO2 - reservoir fluid CO2 measurement
• InSitu Density - reservoir fluid density measurement
• InSitu Color - reservoir fluid color measurement
• InSitu Fluorescence - reservoir fluid fluorescence measurement
• InSitu pH - reservoir fluid pH measurement

"Operators no longer have to wait for samples to be returned to the surface for analysis," says Zied Ben Hamad, marketing and technology manager, Schlumberger Wireline. "This real-time information helps operators confirm assumptions on reservoir compartmentalization and make informed decisions on completion and surface facility design."

Fluid Profiling analysis with InSitu Family measurements gives further insight to reservoir fluid distribution and variation, according to Schlumberger. This is made possible with the Schlumberger Quicksilver Probe focused fluid extraction tool that acquires reservoir fluid with ultra-low or no contamination for InSitu Fluid Analyzer DFA. Characterization of the reservoir fluid system is extended from a single well to multiple-well (field-based) applications, such as quantifying compositional gradients and identifying zonal connectivity.


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