Aug. 1, 1996
Centrifugal separation for crude oil dehydration Losses inherent in conventional crude treatment systems can be very significant. These may be caused by emulsions, low crude oil quality and unnecessarily high consumption of energy, heat, chemicals and utilities.

Centrifugal separation for crude oil dehydration

Losses inherent in conventional crude treatment systems can be very significant. These may be caused by emulsions, low crude oil quality and unnecessarily high consumption of energy, heat, chemicals and utilities.

Using Alfa Laval's disc-stack centrifuges has proven to be effective in overcoming these drawbacks. They handle emulsions, high viscosities and densities lifting oil quality to refinery specification. Huge savings can therefore be made by immediate delivery of the oil instead of long-time settling; no penalties for off-spec quality; lower consumption of chemicals and heat; and, if used, a drastically reduced amount of wash water.

Stainless steel for Vigdis

Avesta Sheffield is a major supplier of stainless steel with a turnover of around $3.8 billion and production facilities in Sweden, the UK and USA. Its product range covers stainless steel sheet, plate, tube, pipe, fittings, flanges and welding consumables.

The company offers a wide range of special grades including duplex, superduplex and super austenitic steels. It has local sales companies in all major offshore markets. Major recent deliveries include Norway's Vigdis and Njord projects, British Gas' Armada in the UK and Elf Congo's N'Kossa project, in co-operation with Sandvik.

Versatile ROVs

The lead in technology held by Bofors Sutec has been made possible by combining four essential ingredients: continuous development, the application of aircraft control technology, underwater technology and users' requirements. This has led Sutec to produce complete ROV systems that are versatile and technically adaptable.

Due to their unique all-attitudes 360 freedom of movement, Sutec ROVs can be used in applications that are impossible for underwater vehicles constructed with conventional technology. Working with end-users, Sutec has also interfaced and developed tools and sensors for its systems.

Deepwater dynamic analysis

Dynomar is a privately owned, independent engineering consultancy. It was created to give highly qualified consultancy services in fluid mechanics, dynamics and marine technology. Advanced hardware and software used by experienced staff has established the company at the leading edge of dynamic analysis.

Recent deepwater (4,000 ft) projects include Voeringplateau in Norway, Brazil, West Africa and the West of Shetlands. Dynomar has also performed design work for new FPSs such as the HMV/GVA8000 for Norsk Hydro's Visund Field and the P-19 for Petrobras' Marlim Field.

Comprehensive offshore water management

ECT Offshore Service is a Swedish company specializing in drinking water treatment and handling. It is a market leader in terms of offering total supply of equipment and services to guarantee water quality on offshore installations.

ECT not only supplies all necessary equipment to safeguard and control water quality, it also takes into consideration offshore personnel, their knowledge and skills, assisting in training and follow-up work - all to safeguard water quality and maintenance of the system.

Offshore module production techniques

Emtunga has two manufacturing locations on the west coast of Sweden available for construction and outfitting of offshore modules. The plant at Vara is purpose built to produce modules on a production line basis which facilitates optimum efficiency and quality. The Gothenburg facility is purpose built for the assembly and load-out of larger modules and structures.

Maximum mini-module size that can be loaded out from Vara is 14m long x 6.3m wide x 4.5m high, with a maximum weight of 45t. Maximum size that can be loaded out from Gothenburg is 60m long x 20m wide x 25m high, with a maximum weight of 2,000t.

Welding machines and consumables

With over 90 years' experience, the Esab Group is a world leader in welding. Since the first all-welded ship was built in 1919, the global shipbuilding and offshore sectors have been the largest and most demanding users of the company's products. Equipment used by the offshore sector includes:

Submerged arc welding automats

Hand-welding machines in `offshore' versions

Electrodes, MIG/MAG wires, flux-cored wires and TIG rods

Machines for gas, plasma and laser cutting

Specialized equipment such as chain-making plants, narrow-gap welding machines and orbital TIG welding heads.

Platform fire protection

Fire Safety Design (FSD) set up its offshore business in 1987 and has conducted over 12,000 manhours of fire protection consultancy for clients involved in 11 oil and gas platforms off Canada, the UK and Norway. Optimization of passive fire protection (PFP) and reduction of platform weight are achieved using in-house software for thermal and structural response with 30-35% of insulation savings (350 tonnes on the Hibernia platform).

FSD has employed platform collapse and overall safety margin structural analysis on two platforms to provide a further 5-10% saving in insulation. It also develops design guides with PFP solutions for insulating material manufacturers.

Stainless steel markers for Troll

For the Troll Gas plant in Kollsnes, Norway, ABB Offshore Technology chose the Fleximark stainless steel marking system for electrical, telecom and instrument cables - in total, 240,000 markers. These were produced ready-made in Fleximark's Malmo facilities, directly from extracts from datafiles from the client's CAD system. The datafiles are then transmitted to Fleximark by modem. Markers are produced, controlled, sorted and packed in a minimum of time: normally 5-10,000 markers per week are supplied.

Floating production vessel design

GVA Consultants specializes in design and engineering of offshore floaters and ships. It has an extensive background in floating production vessels. Amongst these is the purpose-designed FPV GVA 4500 Petrobras XVIII, onstream since June 1994.

Currently, the company is engaged in the basic design of an HMV/GVA8000 floater for Norsk Hydro's Visund development. GVA 4500 and GVA 5800 are some of the drilling rig designs offered for deepwater operation, with dynamic positioning as an option. Other areas of expertise include conversions, monohulls and turrets.

Drives and motors for tough environments

In the 1960s, Hagglunds developed its first hydraulic motor for the marine industry, fitted into a high performance crane. Since then Hagglunds drives and motors have been installed in numerous other marine and offshore applications, such as winches, ro-ro and ramps, on ships or in harbors - taking care of civilian cargo and military goods.

Running diesels at 35-degree inclination continuously

Characteristics of Hedemora Diesel engines include low weight, compact and sturdy design, all important features for offshore installations. The engines have successfully undergone 35-degree inclination tests according to NMD. The pre-chamber design makes it more than possible to meet IMO requirements regarding NOx in exhaust gases.

Hedemora distributes a comprehensive engine selection varying in output from 200 to 15,000kW. Its long experience in maintenance of different types of engines in a wide range of applications ensures fast and professional service.

High pressure penetrations

Lycab, the manufacturer of the fire, explosion and pressure-resistant cable and pipe penetration system MCT Brattberg, has also for many years produced Lycab Cable System high pressure penetrations for use offshore and also in submarines.

Its base product is the RGPH rapid-penetration, high pressure pipe sealing which is certified for installations up to 40 bar. For higher pressure requirements - and if the cable itself is to be water blocked - a longitudinal cable penetration (PHP) or longitudinal sealing joint (LSJ) can be used. Each LCS product is individually tested and evaluated and supplied with a QA certificate detailing every step of production.

Electrical outfitting for BP turbines

For BP's ETAP offshore development in the UK North Sea, PPC Engineering is providing electrical installation of two GT35 gas turbines to ABB Stal.

PPC also has comprehensive capability and knowledge in control and regulation of turbines and generators. It offers load sharing and shedding control systems to ensure reliable plant operation, for new and existing installations. Turnkey solutions or engineering assistance on a consultancy basis are provided.

Hearing protection aids

Peltor is a world-leading manufacturer specializing in hearing protection. With more than 40 years of experience, the company today offers a comprehensive range of CE-approved hearing protectors, safety helmets, visors and communication systems.

A major success is a program of EEX-approved intrinsically safe headsets for use with communication radios. With in-house research and product development resources, Peltor believes in controlling the entire process from idea to final product to ensure that every item meets applicable quality and safety norms.

Manufacturing techniques using hot isostatic pressing

Powdermet Sweden has won major contracts from the offshore industry in recent years. The company operates the largest hot isostatic pressing (HIP) production facility in the world. Applications are mainly directed to pressure vessel codes, primarily in high strength stainless steel such as ferritic 12% Cr, 6Mo austenitic, and ferritic/austenitic duplex grades.

Following further developments at Powdermet in capsule fabrication, near net shape has been reached using the HIP technique. In some cases the required machining of the HIP'ed components is reduced to prepare weld bevels and/or sealing faces. Necessary welding is in some cases limited to a third of that required using conventional methods.

Stainless tubing in long lengths on coils

Sandvik Steel offers an extensive program of stainless steel products for the oil and gas industry. These include downhole tubulars, flowlines, process piping, heat exchanger tubing, ballast water piping, seawater firefighting systems and hydraulic and instrumentation tubing. Also, wirelines and welding consumables, tubing for downhole or subsea control lines. Methanol and chemical injection lines are now also available in long lengths on coils.

Besides all standard stainless steel grades, the program includes duplex and superduplex stainless steels as well as high nickel alloys for the most severe corrosive conditions.

Anchor chain improvements

Scana Ramnas manufactures and supplies stud link and studless anchor chains under a QA system conforming to ISO 9001 which is approved, certified and audited by ABS, API and DnV. Developments include asymmetrical stud design combined with controlled stud expansion after proof-loading; improved robotized horizontal downhand stud welding; microprocessors for improved control and continuous recording of heat treatment and flash butt welds.

Also, computerized recording of proof-loads and dimensions, automatic calculations of load extensions and E-modulus; Ramfor connectors and anchor shackles; with approvals from ABS, DnV and LRS for max. 6 3/16-in- to 6 1/2-in. dia. stud link and studless chain grade R3, R3S and R4.

Oil spill surveillance

Swedish Space Corporation, well known for its leading position in airborne systems for the surveillance of oil spills, has pushed the baseline in this field one step further. Based on the company's contribution to the AIREYE system upgrade for the US Coast Guard, the new SSC system is establishing a new standard of usefulness in airborne surveillance.

Overview of oil spills will be geocorrected at time of acquisition, allowing details of the spill's location and movement to be immediately overlaid on a map. The presentation is also radioed to the ground for use by the clean-up crew.

Propulsion engines and gen sets

Volvo Penta's marine engines are used throughout the world in workboats of various sizes and with different areas of application. Customers are well looked after by dealers, who offer a complete range of parts and servicing in more than 4,000 ports.

The product range includes propulsion engines from 66 up to 770HP and auxiliary engines from 80-430kW, or complete generating sets with multiple installations up to 2,500kW.

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