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Industry word glossary

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Industry word glossary

The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary defines hydrocarbon exploration, development, and production terms. The definitions are written for the technical generalist and expert, and span all key exploration and production disciplines and oilfield activities, from "abnormal pressure" to "Zoeppritz equations." All definitions have been reviewed and approved by technical experts to eliminate ambiguity and inaccuracy. Also included are references to landmark technical publications for those seeking further information on a topic.

AIS technology book

Leica Marine GPS made public "A Complete Guide to Automatic Identification Systems," a 28-page book explaining all aspects of AIS technology. AIS is a new-generation shipboard transponder system, in which ships can continually transmit their ID, position, course, speed, and other data to nearby ships and shore stations on a common radio channel. The process is made possible by a data communi-cations scheme called Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access (STDMA) that permits a large number of transmissions to share the same radio channel simultaneously. The guidebook discusses AIS technology and the STDMA communications scheme, shipboard AIS specifications, international carriage requirements and equipment standards, and other information.

Sand-control monitoring system

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The PZMTM Sand Control System from Baker Oil Tools is a real-time production monitoring system for bottomhole pressures and tempera-tures over the productive life of the well. It also enables chemical injection across the production interval. The system can be applied in both open and cased holes. It is installed in the productive interval during gravel-packing operations using the Baker model CS-300TM Gravel Pack System. Once installation and gravel-packing oper-ations are complete, running tools are retrieved from the wellbore, and the upper completion assembly is run, reconnecting to the PZM System and gravel pack assembly in a pressure tight seal.

Drill cuttings concept

Apollo introduces a drill cuttings transport concept called DRYTM, whereby the cuttings are dried and the mud is recycled on the rig, prior to storing, transporting, and disposing of gauge hole volumes of rig cuttings. Drill cuttings are bulk shipped and handled without using 25-bbl cuttings boxes on a rig until a boat arrives.

Marine life detection

OceanEar Ltd. developed a method of detecting whales, dolphins, and porpoises around offshore oil and gas exploration and development activities. OceanEar can detect and monitor effects of offshore activity on cetaceans during survey operations. It can also be used in exploration activity as a part of an environmental impact assessment. The method allows sonar techniques to listen to the chatter of cetaceans and to view them underwater.

Upstream engineering

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Mustang Engineering has developed a new brochure for its Upstream group that identifies qualifications as an experienced provider of structural and facilities engineering and design services to industry. The literature lists the engineering group's scope of work and defines how it uses new tools and concepts such as "digestible engineering," which can provide substantial engineering savings to clients.

Oilfield stimulation

Drilling Specialties Company introduces a new line of oilfield stimulation products under the trade name B-Chem 6TM. The products are based on specific classes of biochemicals, which modify properties of crude oil to enhance products. The products reduce surface operational problems such as paraffin, asphaltene deposition, and emulsions.

Record-keeping software

MainTech Maintenance, Inc. released the Maintainer version 2.002 software to furnish clients with information and record-keeping services centered on the client's requirements for equipment inspection, maintenance, and repair. The Maintainer has new modules that allow clients to manage government compliance efforts. The latest modules are MMS 30 CFR (API-RP14c) for safety system compliance and the US Coast Guard Streamlined Inspection Program (SIP) on offshore production platforms.

Monitoring, data control

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FWMurphy announces a controller for monitoring, control, and data acquisition. The Millenium Series can compute complicated engineer-ing calculations. Compressor control and protection programs are available with features of traditional annunciators up to complex programs that involve speed and valve control and compressor calculations. The unit is programmed to use Windows®-based ladder logic software.

Vessel tracker

Laser Plot, Inc. developed the MarineTrack System to track boat and commercial vessels' location, course, speed, and time of fix automatically via satellite worldwide to a land-based computer. MarineTrack can be programmed to remotely monitor and control onboard devices. The system uses a compact antenna powered by 12 volts (DC) and can be operated with an optional battery pack. The component can be mounted discretely, and contains a global positioning system (GPS) and an Inmarsat D+ transceiver.

Abrasive cutting

The UWG Group introduces Sabre, an abrasive cuttings system capable of severing multiple casing strings simultaneously. Sabre provides flexible cuttings technology without the need for a rig. It also provides a system that can sever all casings in a typical wellbore, regardless of casing loading, eccentricity, and type of fluid in the annuli. The system eliminates the need for environmentally harmful explosives and is safe to use within explosive atmospheres. It can be operated from a platform or diving support vessel.

Thermal conductivity analyzers

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ABB Instrumentation created an 8-page brochure on thermal conductivity analyzers for hydrogen-cooled generators. The brochure covers the hydrogen purity on operating costs, turbogenerator applications, and operating principles. One section on customizable hydrogen panels describes a configuration for systems with a single panel for multiple gas ranges, another for upgrading existing generators and new installations, and a third for critical applications requiring a backup system.

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