NETHERLANDS: Dutch company profiles

Since 1978, Bluewater has built a technological lead specializing in lease and operation of tanker-based production and storage systems, and has become a leading provider of innovative single point mooring systems.


Since 1978, Bluewater has built a technological lead specializing in lease and operation of tanker-based production and storage systems, and has become a leading provider of innovative single point mooring systems. Bluewater currently owns and operates three FPSOs: the Glas Dowr, the Uisge Gorm, and the Bleo Holm. A fourth hull, the Aoka Mizu is available for completion to FPSO or FSO. Bluewater has recently agreed to purchase FPSOs Berge Hugin and Navion Munin from current owners with plans to take over the FPSOs October 1, 2001.

Bodewes Winches

Bodewes Winches is a leading designer and manufacturer of mooring winch systems, reels and towing winches, electric and hydraulic drives. Its anchoring/mooring systems have been used for semisubmersibles, exploration and production rigs, drillships, FPSOs, crane barges, pipelay barges, and Spar platforms. The company has provided traction winch systems for long lengths of wire rope, stern offloading systems and towing winches up to 500 tons for towing and anchor-handling vessels.


The Fugro group is a multinational cluster of companies with over 200 offices in 50 countries, dedicated to providing high quality geotechnical, survey and positioning services. On land, in the air or in the world's oceans, Fugro companies acquire the data and provide the interpretative service which modern global infrastructure depends on. The Fugro Marine Survey Division performs offshore surveys of every type, including positioning, construction support, geoscience, inspection, cable survey, oceanography, meteorology, and exploration surveys.

HBG Steel structures

HBG Steel structures is a steel and offshore construction contractor, specializing in turnkey projects. Major heavy steel constructions with a high degree of complexity are the cornerstone of its (often multi-disciplinary) contracts. The company has delivered modules, jackets and connecting bridges to many offshore oil company operators. HBG Steel structures is part of the HBG group of companies. Besides offshore projects, it is also involved in civil works - bridges, locks, docks - and industrial building plant projects.

Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) installs large, heavy constructions at sea for the oil and gas industry, such as production platforms and pipelines. It is mainly focused on development of reserves in deep water (2,000 meters). For such jobs, HMC has the use of unique equipment such as the large crane vessels Thialf, Hermod, and Balder, with maximum lifting capacities of 8,000 tons through 14,000 tons. Recently, two of the company's SSCVs were converted into deepwater construction vessels. With its fleet, its advanced J-lay systems and an abundance of support equipment, HMC offers the industry solutions for a wide variety of marine construction projects.


Huisman-Itrec offers a unique combination of craftsmanship and design of heavy lifting, transport and offshore equipment such as heavy lift mast cranes and pipelay equipment. The products, a combination of steel structures, hydraulic/electrical drive systems and computerized control systems, are innovative and meet the special demands of the offshore, heavy shipping and civil markets, leading to tailor-made solutions for turnkey projects. Latest developments are the design and construction of pipelay systems for very deep waters and new, cost-effective drilling equipment like the Multi Purpose Tower, riser handling systems, and drillpipe handling equipment.

IHC Handling Systems

IHC Handling Systems is a supplier of offshore equipment and services. The product range comprises: internal and external pile lifting tools for handling piles, conductor equipment, temporary pile grippers; skidding equipment for jacket launching, load-outs; template and jacket leveling; BOP cranes and handling; pin release systems and ROV-operated systems. Tools are also available for rental. The company is a subsidiary of the IHC Caland Group, with sister companies including IHC Gusto, MSC, SBM and Imodco. The temporary pile grippers are the most recent addition. These are used during leveling and grouting of jacket structures. Gripping force is generated by means of hydraulic jackets, which clamp the pile sleeves firmly to the driven piles. Hydraulic power can be supplied from the surface or by an integrated accumulator system or by an ROV. Forming the upper part of the pile sleeves, the gripper rings can be provided with cone-shaped upper edges for easy stabbing of the piles and with provisions for the leveling tool or even with an integrated leveling system. IHC recently delivered temporary pile grippers to Aker Maritime for Statoil's Kvitebjorn jacket.

John Crane Lips

John Crane Lips provides propulsion systems for the offshore and marine industries. Its thrusters are robust and flexible in design, easily mountable, providing high thrust to power ratio, and are available in retractable and underwater-mountable versions.

Marine Structure Consultants

Marine Structure Consultants provides development, design, and construction supervision of advanced marine structures and equipment. MSC has particular design skills in jack-up platforms, semisubmersible vessels, special ships, hydraulic jacking systems, and dredgers.

Mercon Steel Structures

Mercon Steel Structures fabricates modules, platforms, drilling packages, substructures, and derricks, with yards at Gorinchem and Kinderdijk. It also provides maintenance and repair services for offshore and onshore installations, petrochemical plants, and power stations.

Royal Boskalis Westminster

This is a worldwide-operating dredging company. Its subsidiary Boskalis Offshore provides a range of pipeline services to the offshore sector, including: rock dumping, trenching and back filling, thermal insulation, pre-sweeping, installation of landfalls and outfalls, and dredging. Platform-related services include scour protection, seabed preparation and leveling and decommissioning/removal of drill cuttings.

Suction Pile Technology

Suction Pile Technology (SPT) is an independent offshore contractor specializing in suction pile foundations and anchors. It has developed three self-installing platform concepts, named SIP I, II and III (330-3,000 tons) for water depths up to 100 meters. The SIPs are installed using local tugs, barges, or floaters, and are therefore relatively cheap compared to traditional platforms. SPT has also developed the deepwater Suction Embedded Anchor (SEA), especially for vertical and inclined loads. SEA provides firm holding capacity, using only 10% of the steel in comparison with suction piles. SPT is a subsidiary of the Volker Wessels Stevin group.

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