Bettis Multiport Flow Selector is designed for oil production applica-tions to select well fluids from an individual well to a single test outlet or test loop.

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Flow selector

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Bettis Multiport Flow Selector is designed for oil production applica-tions to select well fluids from an individual well to a single test outlet or test loop. The selector is able to connect up to eight flow lines and allows combined well fluids to flow through a group outlet while simultaneously isolating any single well for testing. The Multiport Flow Selector provides a compact manifold to reduce manifold production size and operating costs.

Gas generation system

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Balston®Nitrogen Gas Generation Sys-tem from Parker Hannifin Corp. prod-uces up to 150 SCFH of compressed nitro-gen on site at purities of up to 99.5% and 872 SCFH at 95% purity. The system uses proprietary membrane separation technology. The membrane divides the compressed air feed gas into two streams: one is 95%-99.5% pure nitrogen, the other is oxygen-rich with carbon dioxide and other trace gases. The generator is comprised with matched components engineered for easy installation, operation, and long-term reliability.

Oilfield software

AnTech Oilfield Software introduced the StringView® Online Limited Edition. A free online computer graphics software program for creating well diagrams. StringView® Online LE is the only online package on the market to feature multi-lateral well diagram drawing capabilities, in addition to deviated and more traditional well diagrams. The software was created in response to demand for an effective way to draw multi-lateral wells. AnTech's team of oilfield software engineers re-wrote the graphics engine to provide a customized tool specifically for the oil industry engineer.

Terminal server

Arcom Control Systems created the Director TS Terminal Server. The new device can be configured to connect a range of legacy equipment supporting serial communications to local area networks or the Internet. The system is able to withstand harsh industrial environments. The Director TS is a 4-port terminal server device that allows an IP network connection to maintain four serial links simultaneously. The new product simplifies comm-unication with digitally-monitored devices throughout industrial plants, and with remote field devices that currently only talk serially to a dedicated PC or control panel.

Technology service

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Technip-Geoproduction rel-eased a new brochure detailing the company's features and products. The company is a subsidiary of Technip, a French engineering and cons-truction group, and offers proprietary technologies, con-ceptual design to turnkey delivery, alliance contracting, and financing services. The company's main operating centers are located in France, USA, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and Venezuela. The brochure involves a specific case study of all aspects of TPG 3300 platform.

Real-time video

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Video Management, Inc. explains the benefits of its top products in the company's new bochure. The products allow companies to view operations in remote locations from office laptops or desktop computers. eVideo uses cameras and alarms and sensors in color or black and white. Alarms and sensors include passive infrared and video motion detection. Output devices, such as to turn on and off lights, digital video converts video to digital, and wireless mobile video operations transmits real-time streaming video from remote locations over cellular and satellite networks. The solution also offers mass digital service and monitors the site for security reasons daily and hourly.

Tree/wellhead brochure

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Worldwide Oilfield Mach-ine created a full line of turn-key wellhead and christmas tree systems for standard and critical completions in a 20-page brochure. The bro-chure details each casing or tubing-head, spool, hanger, seal and adapter with working pressures, installation features, sizes, and available options. Compact unit wellhead systems are described with metal to metal sealing systems manufactured to API 6A PSL-4. The company manufactures a complete range of wellhead and christmas tree systems for pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Well control

Elmar Services Ltd. introduced a proprietary design of wireline BOP ram for the global market. The Q-GuideÔ is a new design of ram capable of shutting off well pressure by guiding and sealing wireline typically entering the BOP at a non-parallel angle. The design is also capable of employing Elmar's Multiline Inner Seal to allow switching between slickline, and electric-line operations without having to change rams.

Air dryer

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Dominick Hunter designed the Pnuedri Desiccant air dryer. The dryer consists of a modular design and unique shroud for easier maintenance. Overall size of the dryer is 30% smaller than a trad-itional twin-tower dryer offering the same drying capacity. The dryer is flexible in installation and allows easy movement throughout a structure and tight areas. The dryer is also able to retrofit for future use.

Corrosion assessment

A new patent was granted to InterCorr Inter-national for "Assessment of Corrosion." The patent covers different aspects of corrosion assessment with the ability to automatically determine the corrosion mechanism without the need to rip open the pipe or vessel for inspection. Elements of the new technology are incorporated within InterCorr's latest corrosion monitoring product, SmartCETTM.

Hydroburst tester

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Advanced Pressure Products released an automated windows-based hydroburst tester. The Model ABPT-10K can produce pressure at desired rates and determine burst pressure. The unit is rated for maximum pressure of 10,000 psi and accuracy of 0.25% of full scale. Systems with 0.05% accuracy are also available. The system allows testing of different kinds of products, such as pressure vessels, burst disks, tubes, valves, and other components. Tests can be done in five minutes.


Magic Earth released the GeoProbe® 2.5, its newest version of high-end volume visualization and interpretation software. GeoProbe 2.5 replaces 2.0.1 as the company's flagship product and will be delivered to current customers immediately. Updates to the software were designed in direct collaboration with end users. The tools allegedly make analysis of large datasets faster and more accurate. Other key features added to increase the product's functionality include: geobody sculpting; surface-bounded, auto-tracking, and clipping; enhanced user control of graphics and probe interaction.

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