April 1, 2001
PCM Delasco developed Series Z peristaltic pumps to transfer and dose viscous, corrosive or delicate products.

Peristaltic pumps

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PCM Delasco developed Series Z peristaltic pumps to transfer and dose viscous, corrosive or delicate products. The seal-less pumps are designed to not stop for more than 15 minutes, except during annual service. They have a removable tube and use grease to reduce running costs. The tube of the pump eliminates risk of corrosion from the transfer of basic acidic products through the pump tube, which is the only component in contact with the product pumped.

After-sale service

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Cooper Cameron developed the Camserv, a service program with comprehensive products and services to reduce total ownership costs and offer services after a sale. The program begins with a network of service centers in different regions of the world and with a team of service technicians. Software to manage ownership assets is designed to track, manage, and report on customer equipment from acquisition to disposal. The program involves an incentive program to use a full array of Camserv options, such as pricing frame agreements and volume discounts.

Airtime package

NeraNet is a new airtime package, via Inmarsat, which offers a choice of up to 4 global LES operators and NO accounting authority management fee for one price to management companies and owner operators. The service is available for Inmarsat A, B, M and Mini M users. Nera handles all traffic reports from a land earth station operator, and produces a single bill, which is available electronically if required, showing a full statement of the customers call records. No management fees are added for calls through the Nera stations.

Tubing rotators

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R&M Energy Systems offers Rodectrademark Tubing Rotators for distribution of wear on the internal circumference of production tubing. Rotec rotators have an extended life period of 6 to 10 times over normal lifetime for rotators. As a result, operating costs and downtime for maintenance are reduced.

Integrated modular system

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Aker Maritime introduces the Aker Maritime's Inte-grated Management System (AIMS), an integrated modular system to provide managed cost control, management of materials, and accounting. The system reports committed and projected expenditures. It uses industry standard programs, such as Primavera's P3 and Microsoft Project '98, to analyze, report and communicate project progress. It registers, tracks, and measures progress of technical documents. Electronic information is provided in CD format for future use.

Digital video system

eVideo Management, Inc. announces a turnkey digital video system to allow real-time, dial-up viewing, storage, and monitoring of remote location operations, including mobile operations. The system uses dial-up from mobile laptops and networked computers from private networks and the internet. Customer service is available 24 hours daily.

Custom coating service

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Bredero-Shaw offers a custom coating service for items such as spool pieces, bends, risers, clamps, mani-folds, and short runs or short pieces of standard line pipe. The service specialized in application concerning fusion- bonded epoxy, 3 layer polypropylene and Polythy-lene, glass syntactic polyur-thane, polyurethane foam, solid polyurethane, thermally sprayed aluminum, polychlor-oprene rubber, and EPDM rubber.

Downhole package

Dril-Quip introduces the Slug Suppression System (S3), a package including a mini-separator, control valves, a manifold, and a control system. The S3 is installed between the top of the flowline riser and the first stage separator. The liquid and gas outlets of the mini-separator are controlled by valves that receive signals from a control system. The control system monitors pressure and liquid level of the mini-separator, and liquid and gas flow rates. The control system employs a strategy to suppress slugging without gas blow-down and control liquid outflow of transient slugs during normal production and startup.

Floating platform

The OPE Satellite Services Platform is a floating platform designed to provide remote controlled production processing and separation for subsea wells. An adjustable center column stablizes the SSP. The column can be raised or lowered. The column is retracted for access to shallow water fabrication and is lowered once on site. The column allows chemical injection storage and alternate space for production process equipment. After fabrication and installation, the SSP can be towed and anchored to an installation site where subsea wells are then connected through risers to begin the separation process.

Pipeline connector

Big Inch Marine Systems designed the Remote Articulatedtrademark Connector, a pipeline connector that automatically adjusts for misalignment conditions.The RAC's features include an integral ball joint design to provide stress-free makeup misalignment up to 5 degrees and a reliable annulus test system. The RAC eliminates the mechanical override tool and doesn't require a secondary lock.

Downhole stripping tool

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AnTech Ltd announces the Gun Dog, a new tool to strip encapsulation from downhole cable without causing damage. The tool does not require adjustment for line size or pre-stripping preparation. Operators connect the Gun Dog to an air supply and strip the encapsulation. When stripped, the encapsulation leaves the tubing free of marks or damage.

Comprehensive modeling

BHRSolutions from BHR Group Limited is a development of comprehensive computational modelling capability for decompression in elastomeric systems, and the second phase of its project: modeling of decompression in elastomeric systems (MODES), has just been launched to enable industry to save money in system downtime. MODES has shown over 80% accuracy for prediction of explosive decompression damage in elastomer O-rings subjected to one decompression. The understanding enables industry to predict performance of sealing systems by using data from material tests.

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