Downhole hydraulics

Pegasus Ventures, Inc. released SurgeMOD, a surge and swab hydraulics software package.

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Downhole hydraulics

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Pegasus Ventures, Inc. released SurgeMOD, a surge and swab hydraulics software package. The software is developed to design and analyze complex downhole hydraulics when running casing or making a trip. The software allows engineers to avoid loss of circulation or kick-in to result in a higher percentage of successful casing/liner run and other tripping operations.

Charge hazard reduction

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Lightning Eliminators and Consultants announces the Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA) for liquid storage tanks with floating roofs. The device reduces the bound charge hazard by equalizing the floating roof and tank wall potential, reducing any secondary arc hazard, which can ignite fires or explosions in flammable liquid storage tanks. Bound charge can be 1,000 times more common than direct lightning strikes. The RGA ensures a reliable, full-time grounding connection with impedance of one ohm or less, compared to shunts, wipers, or walkways with impedance of more than 500 ohms.

Offshore communications

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Coastal Communications services and maintains cellular equipment in which all hardware is aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel to handle offshore environments. External connections are environmentally sealed to prevent corrosion. The company also offers 24-hour customer service. Pay phones are capable of operator-assisted and automated collect calls, credit card calls, and international dialing, with no installation cost for moving or stationary platforms and vessels. The company's Coastal Mariner provides voice, fax, and/or data transmission at a maximum 9600 Baud.

Dual gradient drilling

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Stewart & Stevenson introduces the dual gradient Drilling Mud Return Marine Riser System, known as DMRSTM. The design inte-grates a large 7.437 ID drilling fluid return line and riser isolation tool, SSITTM. The system combines dual gradient and underbalance drilling support and is able to operate as a conven-tional drilling riser system.

J-Lay pipeline tower

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Radoil, Inc. has designed a multi-function J-lay pipeline tower that provides operational and weather characteristics. The tower is capable of tracking along pipeline while laying pipe and uses a gimbal at 180 degrees in the steel catenary riser while still laying pipe. The tower can also be used in handling subsea completion systems, manifolds, and suction anchors.

Operations training

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Simulus' products and services allow organizations to qualify, train, and test people in device operations. The company provides web-based technical and industrial skills training. The company's RapidCBTTM software is used to monitor student's skills as they develop, and it offers a method to assist students when they misunderstand a task or required action. Designers work with customers to develop customer and product specific training programs. Similus' staff creates text, graphics, animations, digital video and simulations designed to work together in a cohesive training program to support educational objectives. Training is available on DVD, CD-ROM, and the Internet.

Fluids management

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Houghton announces Fluidcare, an offshore fluid management pro-gram to train operators to perfect fluids, enhance equipment performance, and monitor fluids onsite. The program offers bench-mark comparisons and trend analysis to predict and prevent problems and to control condition BOP and compensator fluids. The program also disposes of excess waste.

Lost circulation material

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Baker Hughes Inteq created the X-Link lost circulation material, which combines cross-linking polymers with bridging agents to provide control of fluid loss. The X-Link also offers a proven means of controlling severe circulation losses resulting from large fractures or vugular spaces. The material was engineered to produce cross-linked gels, tolerant in temperatures of 40-300° F and densities of 8.3-17.0 ppg. X-Link pills are activated by temperature and setting time is controlled through accelerator or retardant additions during mixing.

Worldwide vessel register

OPL has produced a 178-page vessel register devoted to worldwide cable lay and maintenance vessels. The compilation has been carried out by OPL in association with Derrick Offshore Limited. The register has specifications and illustrations of all newbuilds, conversions and vessels currently under construction. Vessels are listed by general name, owner, manager, charterer, year-built, builder, type, classification, flag, tonnage/dimensions, capacities machinery, cranes/lifting equipment, ploughing/ burial/observation equipment, mooring/positioning systems, and accommodations.

Well diagram software

AnTech Oilfield Software introduces the StringView® Online Limited Edition (LE), a free online computer graphics software program for creating well diagrams. StringView® Online LE features multi-lateral well diagram drawing capabilities, in addition to deviated and traditional well diagrams and in response to demand for an effective way to draw multi-lateral wells by StringView® users. StringView® is AnTech's flagship well visualization.

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