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Aggreko developed a generator that can be used in Zone II Hazardous areas.

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Hazardous area generator

Aggreko developed a generator that can be used in Zone II Hazardous areas. It operates by pulling in air from a safe area, which positively pressurizes the container and alleviates the danger of explosive gas ingress to the container. An explosion-proof fire and gas panel monitors heat, smoke, and gas within the container and will shut the set down through an alarm. The panel starts the pressurization fan to purge the system prior to automatic start up of the engine.

Temporary modules

Ferguson Seacabs Limited introduced a range of temporary modules called Modupacks. Designed for transportation ease and rapid set up, the Modupack can be flat-packed and stacked into a one-quarter space of a pre-fabricated module. The modules are also capable of side-by-side or end-to-end linkage to create multi-module complexes of different sizes. By supplying the module in a flat-pack format, the Modupack can be transported in sets of eight on a standard road trailer thereby significantly reducing transportation costs. Once on location, unskilled personnel can assemble the Modupack, available in 8 ft by 10 ft, 20 ft and 30 ft options, in two to three hours.

Cable, umbilical design

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JDR's C2C is a knowledge-based sys-tem for cable and umbilical design, in which a program software captures an expert's decision-making knowledge to be later used by others. Design engineers were observed as they designed actual umbilicals. Tape recordings were made of interviews detailing their thought processes. These recordings were analyzed and sets of design rules were drawn up. Using these rules and the formula contained in the JDR Design Manual, the knowledge engineering team was able to construct a program that will design an umbilical from a given set of inputs.

Hole-cleaning sweeps

Halliburton Energy Services, through its Baroid Drilling Fluids product service line, introduces its proprietary Sweep-Watetrademark for high-density hole cleaning sweeps for deviated wellbores. Since the drilling fluid product is removed by the shale-shaker, expenses in handling weighted sweeps on the surface are reduced and effects are lower on the active drilling system's long-term properties. The Sweep-Wate product mixes in the same manner as conventional barite and can be used in sweep applications and slugs. As the sweep is displaced around the wellbore, it disturbs, lifts up, and cleans existing cuttings bed out of the hole by its increased buoyancy.

Offshore cranes

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Applied Hydraulic Systems, Inc. unveiled the newest addition to its offshore crane line, the Nautilus Model 1100L. The new crane line is rated at a capacity of up to 350 tons and boom lengths up to 220 ft. The hydraulic crane is designed to be used on floating platforms, FPSOs, FSOs and offshore drilling rigs. The crane features a finite element analysis designed to allow for modular construction, multiple swing drive capability for floater applications, open upper structure for ease of maintenance, pinned gantry design, a bridle/pendant type boom luffing system, and a large operators' cab that is insulated and air conditioned, along with hydraulic joy stick controllers.

Communications workbench

Triple Point Technology, Inc., provider of enterprise-wide energy trading business systems, and JIT Shipping, a demurrage management system provider and consulting firm, launched PortMaster. PortMaster is a web-based, industry neutral communications workbench that manages and limits risk exposure surrounding a marine vessel's port calls by providing a centralized interface and data repository for schedulers, agents, inspectors, and ship owners. PortMaster provides a Web interface for global scheduling of liquid hydrocarbons around the world, including crude oil, LPGs, jet fuel, petrochemicals, etc. The system enables commercial schedulers and traders to track worldwide physical marine movements while determining demurrage and cargo loss exposure in real-time. The system standardizes documentation and streamlines and automates workflow in regards to marine vessel scheduling.

Offshore habitat guide

ABS released a comprehensive guide that provides criteria for living and working conditions to improve productivity, morale, and overall safety. The Crew Habitability Guide condenses design criteria into a single document. It defines habitability as the acceptable condition of an offshore installation in terms of noise, vibration, indoor climate and lighting. Also accommodation design, according to prevailing research and standard for human performance and comfort, describe habitability. Evaluation criteria and management methods in the guide are specific to ABS HAB and HAB+ notations or certifications.

Infrared transmitter

Fakespace Systems Inc. and StereoGraphics Corporation announced the availability of the infrared (IR) transmitter to use in immersive environments. The Extended Range Emittertrademark, jointly developed by the two companies, provides a strong signal, covering an expanded area, for reliable stereo viewing in large-scale visualization systems such as the WorkWalltrademark, CAVERegistered, and RAVEtrademark. Infrared transmitters emit infrared pulses that alternate the electronic shutters on active stereoscopic glasses to synchronize them with alternating left eye/right eye projected images. The Extended Range Emitter provides an emission range of up to 100 ft and an improved cone or angle of emission. It projects a beam through a hard or soft display screen, which simplifies installation and keeps the emitter hidden from view.

Pipeline data storage

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Adtron created the S35PC SCSI Flash Drive for data storage for pipeline inspection equipment. The SCSI Flash Drive measures the quality of a pipe-line. The company's S35PC drive provides 9.6 Gbytes of storage and is able to withstand extreme environments, shock and vibration without loss of data. Its functions include loading the operating system and application, and recording pipeline measurements. Adtron's S35PC SCSI Flash Drive emulates a SCSI disk drive or DAT drive using Flash, and replaces disks and tapes for reliable storage in harsh environments.

E&P trends report

IHS Energy Group and consulting services released the World Petroleum Trends (WPT) Report 2001, which highlights and examines petroleum trends during the year 2000, and also presents key oil and gas exploration and production data figures for the preceding decade (1991-2000). These figures represent activity in more than 150 countries. WPT is now available on CD, on-line, or hard copy.

Scale, corrosion inhibition

Donlar Biosyntrex Corporation has available a biodegradable scale and corrosion inhibitor product line. The products were tested in collaboration with British Petroleum Exploration and results were presented in a joint paper at the 2001 SPE Exploration International Symposium. The products replace several inhibitors with one and repress carbonate and sulfate scales, used in oil production. Corrosion tests showed that a carbon dioxide-rich environment 90% inhibition could be achieved. The product is also safe to mammals and aquatic life.

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