Completion Technology catalog

Aug. 1, 1999
Smith Drilling and Completions (Houston) released its newly published Completion Technology General Catalog.

Smith Drilling and Completions (Houston) released its newly published Completion Technology General Catalog. Products and services detailed include Liner Hangers - Pocket Slip, Rotating Conventional Liner Hangers, Setting Systems - Mechanical Release Setting, Double Spline Setting, and "J" Release Setting Systems, as well as Cementing Bushings and Cementing Equipment.

Emissions spectrometer

Jobin Yvon Emission (Cedex, France) recently unveiled its new Ultima HR ICP-AES spectrometer for trace analysis in complex matrixes. By combining very high resolution (0.005 nm) over a spectral range of 120 to 800 nm with an HDD® detector system. The 120-800 nm spectral range enable halogens to be analyzed at detection limits such as CI<200 ppb, I<10ppb, and Br<200 ppb.


Galvanic Applied Sciences (Wiltshire, UK), with APK Engineers, has developed the Model 902 analyzer for the measurement of hydrogen sulfide from 0-1 ppm to 0-50 ppm and total sulfur in gas terms. Using the proven lead acetate analysis method, each 902 is capable of measuring up to four streams.

High temperature products

Honeywell (Houston) has released its High Temperature Products brochure. The full-color catalog illustrates the company's full line of HTMOSRegistered components on SOI. Products are designed for use in extreme heat environments such as downhole oil instrumentation, avionics, and turbine engine control. Each part is specified and tested for -55°C through 225°C operation. Products include High Temp Quad Operational Amplifier, High Temp 83C51 Microcontroller, and High Temp Gate Arrays.

Fused sightglass

Papailas, Incorporated (Northvale, New Jersey) is providing a low profile design fused sightglass that meets FDA, 3A, and DIN specification. Papailas says the units are stress, crack, and shatter resistant units, as well as high temperature and pressure resistant and provide enhanced drainability. Constructed of borosilicate glass, the fused sightglass can be used in working temperatures to 586 degrees F and pressure to 150 PSI.

DiSp AE system

Physical Acoustics Corporation (Princeton Junction, New Jersey) announces the release of its DiSP System, providing four complete channels of Digital Acoustic Emission on a single PCI board. Choose from several different available chassis, including sizes for 8, 16, 24, and 52 channels. The single enclosure houses the entire AE system including PCI PC computer and up to 52 AE channels, using our PCI-DSP boards.

High power connectors

DuralineL® (Central Islip, New York) has introduced 518 Series high power single pole connectors. The 518 Series features a 360-degree, non-specific locking collet design, allowing the connector pairs to be mated and locked at any orientation. The flexible collet design does not need a cam or keyway to line up, no polarizing positions, and no cables.

Jumper cable

Keystone (Glasgow, UK), a division of Tyco Valves and Controls, has developed a single interchangeable jumper cable to facilitate the speedy installation of its K-Block non-contact valve position indicator for quarter-turn valves. The jumper cable connects at either end to the solenoid valve and position requirements. The solid-state K-Block comprises a sealed sensor with two inductive proximity switches and an indicator with two metallic screws located 90 degrees apart.

Gate valve

Worldwide Oilfield Machine (Houston) announces its Magnum 3-1/16 in. subsea gate valve and actuator. The valve and subsea actuator were tested at 2,500 meters water depth. Following initial API 17D testing, the valve was then tested at 10,000 ft. Magnum gate valves are available in sizes 1 13/16-in. through 7 3/8-in. with working pressures of 2,000-20,000 psi and operating temperatures in the -50° F through 450°F range.


Detector Electronics (Slough, UK) releases its guidebook to gas hazards and detection. The universal guidebook, "A Practical Guide to Gas Detection," details the fundamental principles of combustible and toxic gases, plus the different methods currently applied across industry for their detection. The 55-page book also includes technical and application information for anyone who deals with combustible or toxic gases.

Spooling equipment

Sandvik Steel (West Midlands, UK) and its appointed agent, Grampian Test & Certification Limited (Aberdeen), announced they have developed spooling equipment designed specifically for complete layer winding of slicklines.

Pumping system

Weatherford (Houston) has introduced its Dual Booster Multiphase Pumping System. Manufactured by Weatherford Global Compression Services, the system features a single system that pumps a mixture of oil, gas, and water, continuous operation, liquid recycle system that traps fluids for lubricating seals and rotor, and a single vendor source for pumping solutions.

Oil & gas monitoring

Zetron, Inc. (Redmond, Washington) announces the Model 1732 RTU, the newest member of Zetron's family of wireless SCADA products for monitoring and control of oil and gas applications. The model features 12-bit Analog/Digital conversion and can be expanded in modular increments to a maximum of 445 points with analog, digital, and pulse count inputs for pressure, temperature, flow, power, and other sensors.

Stainless steel wirelines

Sandvik Steel has released a new technical selection guide for a range of stainless steel wirelines. In the new six page guide, Sandvik claims that significant savings can be achieved when comparing losses incurred by wireline breakage and lost production time. The guide also includes comprehensive handling instructions for minimizing mechanical damage and extending wireline life.

Services catalog

Paragon Engineering Services (Houston) has released a newly published, full-color catalog illustrating its services, including gas compression, oil and water treating, project and construction management, and civil/structure design onshore/offshore.

Pressure sensor

Druck Limited (Leicester, England) has developed a micro-machined silicon-based Hammer Union pressure transmitter in an effort to improve drilling fluid measurements in the oil drilling industry. The company's PTX 661 is fully encapsulated with a small replaceable sensor module. The PTX 661 offers ranges up to 15000 psi with +/- 0.1% FS accuracy and 2 KHz response time.

Protective equipment video

OSHA has just released its new video, "Assessing the Need for Personal Protective Equipment," to assist employers in complying with its general personal protective equipment requirements. The training package includes 44 slides, 1 CD-ROM, a 35-page instructor guide, and a 50-page guide for small business employees.

Survey services

Fugro (the Netherlands) has published a brochure depicting its survey services. The brochure provides an overview of the organization, including contact details, an outline of services, technological achievements, and geographic coverage.

Purge monitor

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques USA has released the latest model in a long line of purge monitors - the Argweld MK III. This monitor can be used for monitoring the quality of back purge gas when welding stainless steel, chrome molybendum, titanium, nickel alloys, and copper nickel in the petrochemical, offshore, and processing industries. The new model employs a 36-month long life sensor and a temperature compensation circuit to keep the unit in calibration in all applications.

Tank gauging system

TM Technology (Surrey, UK) introduces its SiteSentry 800 tank gauging system with highly configurable programming through a 4-line X 20 character backlit display and membrane keypad, with on-screen help, combined with eight inputs monitoring any 4-20m signal, provides users with set-up choice.

Drillship Catalog

Navis ASA (Stavanger), in its new brochure, profiles the Navis Explorer I. The drilling unit includes a highly efficient dual-activity derrick for faster tripping and BOP running. Design and seakeeping characteristics have been thoroughly tested in the Ocean Basin at Marintek in Trondheim, according to Navis.

Tool manager

Neyrfor-Weir has produced a CD called Neyrfor Tool Manager geared towards the international oil patch. The CD gives a technical overview and database of the company's various products and services - directional drilling, MWD, turbines and downhole motors - and provides examples of its experience and work in the energy industry.

Fatigue testing

Mentor Subsea is distributing information on Fatigue Testing of Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) Welds. The company has developed a high-speed machine used to test SCR welds and aid in the development of weld procedures currently utilized by the company in recent fabrication and testing programs. The machine allows Mentor to simulate over 2.4 million fatigue cycles per day and significantly accelerated the qualification acceptance testing of the SCRs used for the Morpeth and Allegheny projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ultrasonic slurification

The Expro Group (Aberdeen) has developed an Ultrasonic Processor, an innovative and efficient environmental solution for the treatment and preparation of drill cuttings, according to the company. Drill cuttings are reduced in size by an intense ultrasonic energy created by acoustic waves traveling through water bringing about significant destructive forces. It is these forces which act upon the cuttings, causing rapid size reduction.

Oil response

Slickbar is announcing the release of a new complete line brochure. The eight-page brochure details the company's various oil spill response products. Sections are dedicated to such products as: oil booms, oil skimmers and skimmer systems, vacuum systems, dispersant spray systems, and floating lagoon baffles. Also included is information on the company's customers and divisions.

Power recovery brochure

Dresser-Rand (Olean, New York) recently published its brochure on its complete line of power recovery expanders. The brochure details Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) hot gas expanders, multi-stage - high temperature or Nitric Acid expander, and multi-stage - medium temperature expanders. Process schematics are also included.

Green technology

Baker Petrolite is taking a serious stance on "green technology". The company has released a brochure called "Green Commitment" describing its strategy for developing products that are cost-effective for its customers, good for business, and friendly to the environment. The brochure details what it believes are the three requirements for "green technology": a definition of "green", a thorough understanding of regulations, and an in-depth knowledge of how chemical structure can affect environmental performance.

Chains, anchors, fittings

Vicinay Cadenas, S.A.(Bilboa, Spain) introduces its new catalog profiling its products and services. The full-color brochure describes its research and development processes, offshore oil industry chains, anchors, and fittings for the shipping industry.

ROV buoyancy

CRP Marine has developed Hisyntrademark high performance low density syntactic foam. The composite structure of Hisyn ensures buoyancy and durability when installed as buoyancy packs on the deepwater ROVs. Hisyn composite foam is the incorporation of the CRP "Hard Shell" system. The "Hard Shell" is encapsulated within the elastomeric outer skin.