Welltec upgrades downhole tractor

Nov. 5, 2021
Welltec has revised the design of its downhole Well Tractor system.

Offshore staff

ALLERØD, DenmarkWelltec has revised the design of its downhole Well Tractor system.

Well Tractor 212 CVT features Continuous Variable Tractoring (CVT) technology that automatically maximizes speed and power at all times.

According to the company, this arrangement optimizes each conveyance run, making operations faster and more efficient.

Other new features include an electronics package rated to higher temperature demands within an architecture said to be more robust; and two-way surface control, with commands sent to the tool downhole and diagnostics received back at surface.

Traditional conveyance platforms, Welltec said, are driven hydraulically by a pump, with the latter often a shared facility that powers multiple wheel sections downhole.

The configuration of Well Tractor CVT means that each wheel section has its own power unit, and these hydraulic units and wheel sections are shorter and more powerful, so that in effect the system operates as multiple individual tractors downhole with inherent redundancy.

If one section comes up against a restriction, the other sections remain free to power themselves without any detrimental effect, the company added.