Hexagon-VERIPOS introduces anti-jamming technology

Oct. 12, 2021
New product said to protect against interference and spoofing.

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN – Hexagon-VERIPOS has launched the GAJT-410MS, which it says is the newest addition to its GPS Anti-Jam Technology portfolio.

The company says that the low size, weight and power model of the GAJT-710MS protects against RF interference with adaptive nulling, including jammer direction-finding and up to three simultaneous nulls for multi-jammer scenarios.

Jamming, interference and spoofing where positioning systems are either overpowered or fooled into providing false coordinates and measurements threaten the integrity of GNSS signals. Dynamic positioning, seismic survey, offshore construction and unmanned and autonomous vessels all require an added layer of protection against RF interference, which can disrupt positioning accuracy to the point of total solution denial and place the safety of operations, vessel and crew at risk.

The GAJT-410MS is said to protect against RF interference, jamming and spoofing activities to enable assured positioning, navigation and timing. The company says that the unit is optimized for space-constrained vessels like unmanned and autonomous platforms and can be deployed and installed quickly.