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We are fortunate to work with a flexible, endlessly recyclable and lightweight material. Now, Sapa is the newly acquired extruded products business unit of Hydro Aluminum. Further promoting our endless pursuit of finding new and better ways to solve our customer’s challenges, are contributing to lighter and more environmentally friendly vehicles, energy-efficient buildings and products that are easier to recycle. Aluminum is in our DNA. It’s at the core of everything we do. Having dedicated our work to this versatile material for more than 100 years, learning everything about the possibilities it holds, has made us agile, adaptable and willing to push the frontier for what is possible to achieve. We can honestly say that we are aluminum. The material and the people working in Hydro – one and the same. We believe through combining our profound understanding of the material and its properties with our advanced technology and R&D capabilities, we can come up with solutions that no one else in this industry can.

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