MetaCarta, IHS sign data agreement

June 11, 2007
MetaCarta Inc. has signed an agreement with IHS Inc.

Offshore staff

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- MetaCarta Inc. has signed an agreement with IHS Inc. MetaCarta will enhance its energy geographic data module (GDM) to provide accurate and up-to-date information for energy-related subjects specific to a particular geographic location. Geologists and other E&P analysts using MetaCarta geographic text search (GTS) and GTS geOdrive will be able to search for information such as blocks, licenses, oil fields, wells, and basins found in IHS databases using the just-released MetaCarta IHS global oil and gas GDM, the company says.

MetaCarta GDMs are knowledge bases used to identify and clarify geographic references and to assign latitude and longitude coordinates. GDMs contain natural language processing logic to recognize the jargons and data types that represent geographic entities, IHS says.

"The alliance with IHS has allowed MetaCarta to develop an energy industry specific GDM utilizing the rich global knowledgebase of IHS," says Ron Matros, president and CEO of MetaCarta. "Having the most accurate and comprehensive source of E&P information available with our search tools will allow our customers to more accurately pinpoint and collect location-specific information. Helping them get the information they need more quickly is critical to their business, particularly when they are making billion dollar decisions."