Aker technologies get ONS Innovation Awards nominations

The Offshore North Seas (ONS) jury has nominated six Aker Solutions technologies for ONS Innovation Awards.

Offshore staff

STAVANGER, Norway-- The Offshore North Seas (ONS) jury has nominated six Aker Solutions technologies for ONS Innovation Awards. The nominated technologies include:

PowerTrac Stroker ZIP
The PowerTrac Stroker Zone Isolation Plug (ZIP) is designed to optimize well performance. It consists of an electrical surface-controlled setting tool and flexible plug that can be set or retrieved repeatedly in one run. The ZIP facilitates accurate and reliable determination of the ultimate position of a flow control device (i.e. permanent plug) to enhance oil production. It can be combined with other functions including production logging and setting of permanent plugs or perforation guns (whichever is the most expedient).

PowerTrac Stroker-KOT Service
Artificial gas lift can extend the life of producing oil wells by several years, and the positioning of gas lift valves (GLVs) is key. During traditional slickline operations, manipulation of GLVs is restricted by well deviation. Aker Solutions' system for substituting valves permits such operations to be performed on wireline in highly deviated settings. Side Pocket Mandrels with GLVs now can be positioned in the zones most beneficial for oil recovery regardless of deviation, resulting in significantly higher production rates many additional years of production.

Aker Solution's MH MDDM 1000 AC top drive is designed to meet the specification of 99.9% uptime. Its modular concept enables easy access for the replacement of individual modules, reducing both the critical path of the operation and repair time. In the event of component or module breakdown, the module in question can be replaced without interrupting other top drive systems. In addition to its modularity, the design of the MH MDDM 1000 AC facilitates maximum uptime, performance, enhanced safety, and efficiency, Aker says.

Single Trip Multi-Purpose Tool
Aker Solution's wellheads team recently qualified its next generation Single-Trip Multi-Purpose Tool. This completion tool is designed to run casing hangers and pack-offs in a single trip. The tool is available for use and is scheduled to run offshore for the first time in January 2011.

Slimline Rigid Lockdown Wellhead System
Aker Solutions' new Slimline Rigid Lockdown (SRLD) Wellhead System reflects the company's approach to subsea wellhead supply. Products are built around a single universal wellhead, while other components are specified according to operational requirements. The total system is quick to assemble from a stock list of components. Addressing wellhead fatigue is at the heart of system design philosophy and fatigue life is estimated to be at least one order of magnitude greater than for traditional wellheads. The system has the potential greatly to increase the scope of field development intervention and work over packages, and will transform the tail-life of future assets.

Aker Solutions' Coabis integrity management tool facilitates efficient management of subsea structures and functions as a datastore for recorded information. Recently, the company upgraded the product to add pipe work and vessel inspections in addition to topsides. It now allows operators to manage subsea pipeline integrity data. This enables inspection regime management for an operator's entire asset portfolio using a single product, eliminating the need for myriad databases.


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