ITF, OTM Consulting develop technology mapping tool

The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) and OTM Consulting are developing a new technology mapping tool.

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN, UK -- The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) and OTM Consulting are developing a new technology mapping tool. According to the organizations, the tool will allow users to understand how their technology needs fit in with the global “landscape” of existing, field-trial-ready and emerging technologies in the oil and gas sector.

The technology mapping function will be integrated into a knowledgebase called TechnologyTradingPost, that OTM has been developing since 2007, and which is already supported by eleven oil companies worldwide. TechnologyTradingPost currently includes 3,400 research projects from over 700 technology development organizations. Information about users’ technology requirements will be mapped onto this knowledgebase to highlight areas where technology is available or work may already be ongoing, as well as gaps where new development may be required, the companies say.

The model allows technology developers to become “partners” at no cost. They can post information about new R&D proposals and keep their own technology entries up to date. Operating companies pay an annual membership fee that allows access to an unlimited number of users within that company. The same model will continue when the technology mapping function is incorporated, with users able to post their technology needs anonymously, ITF says.

Work is now progressing to develop the gap analysis methodology and software. Technology Trading Post 2, which will incorporate the new technology mapping capability, is scheduled to launch in July 2010.

“An industry resource like this is long overdue – not least because of the challenges involved in creating it,” says Neil Poxon, ITF’s MD. “By working together with OTM, we can create a comprehensive technology knowledgebase and mapping tool that will result in more focused spending on R&D and improved technology implementation in the field.”


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