Schlumberger to expand Shreveport, Louisiana operations

Schlumberger is expanding its operations in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Offshore staff

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana -- Schlumberger is expanding its operations in Shreveport, Louisiana. The project represents a $48 million investment that will retain 120 jobs, create 400 new jobs within four years, and add 250 construction jobs over a year-long construction period, the company says.

Schlumberger will renovate an existing 250,000-sq-ft (23,225-sq-m) warehouse in Shreveport, converting the space into maintenance shops, laboratory facilities, and office space. The project will consolidate Schlumberger's regional existing business segments into one oil field services headquarters, which will provide space for future expansions.

"We ultimately will convert this compound into a state-of-the-art facility that will enhance our regional operations and provide our clients with optimum service using high-tech equipment and highly skilled labor," says Trent Lee, Schlumberger operations manager. "We appreciate the area's support in working with us over a number of months to handle important issues and make this happen."


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