Bluefin acquires Hawkes Remotes to combine AUV/ROV experience

Bluefin Robotics has acquired Hawkes Remotes Inc.

Offshore staff

QUINCY, Massachusetts – Bluefin Robotics has acquired Hawkes Remotes Inc. Bluefin says it plans to use its AUV and subsea vehicle experience to add hybrid capabilities to Hawkes ROVs.

Bluefin and Hawkes Ocean Technologies also entered a strategic relationship to not only bring the HRI ROV technology to market, but also to continuously advance the design and development of ROV platforms and technology.

Bluefin said Hawkes’ technology and design offering scalable, modular products with thin, armored fiber-optic tethers and onboard high-energy batteries.

“Offering additional autonomous platform options is essential in meeting current market needs, so we are pleased to be integrating this technology into our portfolio,” said David P. Kelly, president and CEO of Bluefin.


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