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Schlumberger Wireline & Testing announced the opening of a client center for advanced studies in formation evaluation in Sugar Land, Texas. This first of its kind facility will enable oil company geoscientists to solve outstanding issues in formation evaluation through access to Schlumberger experts by using on-site processing facilities. The facility was established to provide a unique environment in which clients can work on their data sets to develop solution to practical problems while

Client center

Schlumberger Wireline & Testing announced the opening of a client center for advanced studies in formation evaluation in Sugar Land, Texas. This first of its kind facility will enable oil company geoscientists to solve outstanding issues in formation evaluation through access to Schlumberger experts by using on-site processing facilities. The facility was established to provide a unique environment in which clients can work on their data sets to develop solution to practical problems while furthering petrophysical understanding.
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Packer system

Baker Hughes is introducing its innovative next-generation whipstock packer and anchoring system, the TorqueMaster. The TorqueMaster is the first of its kind to employ the unique Cam-Cone and Torque-Slip design, which enables the system to withstand up to 20,000 ft/lbs. of torque from right or left hand direc tions. The system has a plugged pressure rating of 7,500 psi at an operating temperature range of 70 to 300 degrees F.
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ABB catalog

ABB Vetco Gray has published a Drilling/Production Systems/Services General Catalog. The full-color catalog includes applications, technical specifications, and detailed illustrations of ABB's surface drilling and completion systems, valves, actuators/chokes, subsea wellhead systems, connectors and tubular products, capital drilling equipment, and subsea production systems. Also featured is information on the company's project experience, facilities, and aftermarket service.
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Containment and disposal

Sundowner Offshore is introducing Strata-Vault, subsurface injection disposal and containment equipment for the offshore industry. The Strata-Vault is comprised of a skid-mounted mixing unit containing two 50 bbl tanks, two 5in. x 6in. centrifugal pumps, two heavy-duty agitators, 480 volt - 3 phase electrical system, and 6in. suction mainfold, a free-standing 100 bbl steel holding tank, and a triplex injection pump. The Strata-Vault equipment can be operated and serviced by a minimum three- person crew.
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Sonartech has developed NT-029-2 ROV Responder/Transponder. The transponder is mounted on an ROV and is capable of operating in depths up to 6,500 meters. The NT-029-2 normally operates as a Responder triggered via the electrical connection to the ROV. It can respond to acoustic interrogations and is capable of accepting acoustic commands, even if ROV power is lost.
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New semi

New literature has been released on the Megathyst compact semi-sub for deep water drilling from Scheepswer DeHoop Lobith. The dynamically positioned semi is designed for 75-1,500 meters of water and a drilling depth of 5,000 meters. The brochure includes detailed illustrations of the drill floor and the three decks. Also featured are the technical specifications of the Megathyst including hull measurements, drilling specifications, storage capacities, and payload capacity.
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Oil in water monitor

Turner Design has developed the TD-4100 XD, a low maintenance, non-fouling continuous on-line oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, and the petrochemical industry. The TD-4100 XD continuously verifies the effectiveness of oil in water treatment systems allowing for early detection of system upsets and unwanted or unexpected discharges.
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Downhole system

A new 8-page brochure from TAM International describes a new downhole system, TAM Cement Displacement (CD) that enables operators to effectively set multiple cement inflatable casing annulus packers and perform multi-stage cementing in a single trip. The CD tool runs as part of the inner string inside the liner. This inner string assembly also allows rotation and circulation of the liner while running in.
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Dresser has announced the introduction of the Wheatley Gaso T165 pump, the newest in their product line of positive displacement pumps. Enhanced features include bolted valve covers, an open cradle area for easy packing installation, sealed cradle area for volatile fluid and emissions control, bolt-on stuffing boxes and an increased plunger load. The pump is capable of 5,775 psi and a 10,532 psi maximum flow rate.
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ROV manipulator

Slingsby Engineering is introducing the TA16 Manipulator designed for various subsea maintenance tasks. The TA16 is a versatile and powerful five-function rate controlled grabber which is easily mounted to a variety of ROV's and submersibles. The product features a 300mm extension, is capable of gripping 50-300mm diameter objects with a force up to 272kg, and is designed for either right or left-hand operations.
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Cor-Val is introducing the Zero Emissions Sea, a revolutionary new valve design. The valve was designed to offer a far superior solution to the difficult problem of stem leakage in any type of non-rotating rising stem valve. The design has no pressure, temperature or valve travel limitations while achieving zero leakage. The valve can be "in-line" installed on most brands of non-rotating rising stem valves using existing operators. The valve helps eliminate maintenance man hours and product loss, and reduce EPA interference.
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Mounting brackets

Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment has recently introduced a line of regulator safety mounting brackets that help organize the work area wherever cylinders of specialty gases are used. The new Advanced RM Series brackets improve safety and help ensure gas purity. The brackets can be wall or bench mounted to increase efficiency and versatility and help prevent recurring leaks by eliminating unnecessary stress on gas tubing.Circle 12 on Reader Service Card


M-I Drilling Fluids has recently published a brochure on the company's new POLYSTAR 450 - an advanced, synthetic polymer system for high-temperature, high- pressure drilling applications. The 450 features temperature stability to 450°F, a water-base formulation that preserves the environment, and simplified engineering that ensures accuracy and streamlines product logistics. The brochure highlights the principal components of the system, and includes several graphs and tables illustrating rheological comparisons.
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Federal Equipment is offering a modular heliport landing system using its exclusive Helicomb decking material and a newly engineered commercial design. The Helicomb material uses prefabricated pads made of honeycomb-core sandwiched between aluminum decking as the landing surface. The panels allow for quicker setup, better shock absorption, and less repair time. The lightweight design makes it ideal for use on offshore structures.
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Positioning system

Sonardyne is launching the TZ-OBC positioning system designed to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency of positioning in marine seismic ocean bottom cable and transition zone operations. The TZ-OBC uses a multi-node network of transponders that enables more accurate hydrophone positions to be derived than with traditional first break techniques. No external communications are required to operate the system, which outputs absolute positions and/or raw ranges.
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Gas turbine

Solar Turbines has announced the development of the 13.3-MW (17,800 hp) Titan 130 gas turbine, a high-efficiency, simple-cycle, two-shaft unit for industrial applications. The Titan is designed to deliver thermal efficiency of over 34 percent and will have the company's advanced, pollution-prevention SoLoNOx combustion system as a standard feature. The design features a 14-stage air compressor, single annular-type combustor, two-stage gas generator turbine, and a two-stage free power turbine.
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Blowout well control

Boots & Coots have published a new brochure highlighting their firefighting and blowout control experience with over 2,500 capped oil wells. Included in the brochure is information on the company's history, industrial and marine services, blow out pre vention and engineering services, and commercial firefighting service. Also included is a list of Boots & Coots industry "firsts" that the company has achieved since 1985.
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Polyken is introducing Synergy pipeline coating, allowing for laying defect-free pipe that resists corrosion longer. The coating is applied in two layers that when fused to each other and bonded to the pipe result in a tight, mechanically-tough barrier against corrosion-causing moisture and oxygen. Synergy is environmentally safe and has a forty-year history of successful in-ground resistance. Synergy coated lines allow for the line to run faster and use less expensive raw materials making it much more cost-effective.
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Line pipe

Dalmine Siderca Tamsa (DST) has released a new brochure on Seamless Line Pipe for Special Applications. DST manufactures a wide range of high performance seamless tubular products in facilities located in key economic areas close to customers. The brochure includes line pipe technical data, line pipe dimensional range chart, and a list of DST's line pipe steel grades. Also included is a listing of past projects highlighting DST's experience.
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Jar and accelerator tool

Houston Engineers has perfected the complement to their Hydra-Jar and Accelerator Tools used in drilling and fishing operations, the TT Jar & accelerator Tools. Operation of the jar is hydraulic - not mechanical, so that the impact blow is infinitely variable. It features an extra large bore that permits the use of drop balls and other through-bore tools. The TT was designed to allow for longer stroke than comparable tools and total flexibility when jarring.
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Particle and pig monitor

ClampOn has published a new brochure on their ClampOn 2000 particle monitor and ClampOn 2100 pig monitor. The 2000 series of non-invasize sensors represents the third generation of the company's sand and pig monitoring systems. The 2000 particle monitor utilizes passive acoustic detection of particles in process flows and detects the sound of particles impacting the pipe-wall. The 2100 pig monitor utilizes passive acoustic monitoring of pigs in pipelines and accurately registers the time of passage of all types of pigs and sends a digital signal to the operator.
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Separator technology

Otto York has developed a new technology to design high-pressure separators to be one-half to one-third the weight of conventional separators. The technology may be applied to reduce the size of new separators (and significantly reduce cost) or to substantially increase the capacity and improve separation in existing gas-liquid and three-phase separators. The technology has been tested and proven at several offshore oil production platforms in the North Sea.
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American Energy Services has released a new general products brochure highlighting their dedication to manufacturing and supplying high quality valves according to customer specifications. The company's valve line includes: gate, globe, check, ball, and special service valves, as well as other products such as plug, pressure, and conduit valves. Also included is quality control information and information on AES' in-house engineering department.
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DeNeef Construction Chemicals is introducing the MC 500, Microfone Cement for oilwell cementing. Microfone is cementitious grouting material composed of ultrafine particles of slag and portland that exhibit excellent penetrability, strength, and durability suitable for squeeze cementing of oilwell matrices, especially for gas and water control. MC 500 is particularly suited for oilwell cementing because of its fine particle size, low settlement, medium viscosity, long initial hardening time, and durability.
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Software system

Honeywell has introduced TPS Uniformance, an information and applications software system within the TotalPlant Solution system that improves the effectiveness of plant management in the process industries. The system enables unification of business and control applications and information so plant operators, engineers, and managers have quick, easy access to accurate plant-wide information. This is designed to increase total plant profitability.
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Product selector guide

Flexitallic, a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial and automotive sealing products, has introduced Gasket Advisor, a Windows driven software package offering front-end advice on the company's products and services. The software provides a product selector guide of the Flextallic range which includes semi-metallic gaskets, sheet gasket materials, pump and valve seals and metallic gaskets. Also included is a chemical compatibility guide for all products listed.
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Moisture measurement

Endress + Hauser have released an eight-page color brochure detailing their line of moisture measurement instruments. The company provides capacitive moisture sensor technology that monitor and regulate the moisture content of gases and liquids. Included in the brochure is detailed information on the company's probes, analyzers, moisture transmitters, dew point measurement devices, and relative humidity measurement devices.
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