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Alpha Thames, part of Saab Technologies, specializes in the design and manufacture of modular seabed processing systems.

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Modular seabed processing

Alpha Thames, part of Saab Technologies, specializes in the design and manufacture of modular seabed processing systems. The company undertakes the development of offshore fields and offers its AlphaPRIME technology for maximizing hydrocarbon recovery, increasing well production by up to 75% and reducing production costs by $2-3/bbl. The System-Module methods employed in the AlphaPRIME system and use of field-proven components make it a low-risk solution.

Water treatment

E.C.T. Offshore Service offers comprehensive services for the treatment of drinking water offshore. Its systems have operated on over 250 rigs and platforms, many of which have annual service contracts with E.C.T. Due to the company's close co-operation with the Norwegian government, it can ensure that the installations fulfil their requirements for this service. E.C.T. also runs courses each year entitled "Drinking Water Treatment for Offshore Personnel."

Heat transfer solutions

Allards Verkstader in Falun, Sweden has wide ranging experience over many years in heat transfer engineering. Its products are used in processes where water and other fluids have to be cooled, vaporized or filtered, often under high pressure. Users include the offshore, petrochemical, marine and pulp/paper industries. The company's services range from thermal and mechanical design to complete manufacture of, and support for, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and petroleum tanks.

Mud pit cleaning

Following new environmental legislation reducing rig emissions, Gunclean Toftejorg is taking optimization of mud pit cleaning a step further through development of a simple system that allows re-circulation of water, chemicals, and mud. Only a minimal volume of water is required to initiate the cleaning process. Once sufficient volume is in the pit, the water supply can be turned off while the existing water and mud are scavenged from the pit floor and recirculated through a filter.

Offshore living quarters

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The accommodation module supplied recently by Emtunga for the Cakerawala platform offshore Thailand.
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Emtunga International, with 25 years' experience in the offshore sector, continues to broaden its markets. North Sea standard living quarters are now requested throughout the world, the company claims, to improve the quality, safety and general living standards for offshore crews. Furthermore, operators of floating installations such as FPSOs and FSOs no longer accept marine-standard deckhouses. With planned lifespans of 30-40 years, and 10 years between each drydocking, it is essential to have living quarters of the highest standard and with low life cycle costs.

Eex equipment from Cavotec

The Cavotec Group manufactures a wide variety of equipment for the oil, gas and energy sectors, with global representation. It specializes in EEx proof environments with products including radio remote controls, slip-ring assemblies, cable and hose reels, drag chains, industrial controllers and crane control units (see websites: www.cavotec.com and www.flexiblecables.com).

Fresh, dry welding electrodes

The aluminum-laminated new VacPac foil from ESAB stops moisture build-up, while a vacuum indicates that the package is intact and that the electrodes are therefore dry. The new VacPac has a wrapper featuring numerous improvements: (1) storing and re-drying are eliminated; (2) increased protection from accidental piercing; (3) complete marking information directly on the laminate new package sizes adapted for typical working shifts; (4) reduced plastic content.

Oil spill response

Foilex Engineering is a Sweden-based manufacturer of oil spill response products with national agents and representatives in over 40 countries. Its core products are the patented Twin Disc Screw skimmer and pump systems, which have been sold worldwide since 1991. Contracts have recently been awarded from Petrobras in Brazil, the Marine Disaster Prevention Centre in Japan, and the Swedish Coast Guard. The company's annual turnover is around $1.5 million, with 90% exported.

Gas turbine cleaning

Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE) has developed the first cleaning concept for gas turbines using the same nozzle installation for both on-line and off-line cleaning, thereby reducing the installation and hardware cost. It is designed for use on every type of gas turbine, installation or application - new or retrofit. The concept saves water, space, and weight and has been subjected to extensive on-site and test cell tests.

EPP (early project philosophy)

Gotaverken Arendal, GVA, based in Gothenburg, is a modern management company with roots in the offshore and shipbuilding industry. The firm offers expertise to support an offshore project in part or in its entirety, from financing up to delivery - including design, engineering, procurement, construction, project management and legal services. The GVA EEP is a philosophy aimed at reducing overall project risks and shortening delivery times.

Winch performance

Hagglunds has been working with manufacturers and operators of winches to optimize applications for 40 years. This experience and knowledge has made the Hagglunds name well known for performance and reliability. Typical features of the company's winch drives are: (1) high power (up to 1,200 kW); (2) accurate, constant tension at low and even zero speed with very high mechanical and starting efficiency; (3) no stick-slip effects; (4) strong low-speed performance; and (5) low inertia.

Semisubmersible design

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Artist's impression of the GVA-designed semisubmersible for the Crazy Horse project.
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GVA Consultants specializes in the design and engineering of semisubmersibles. The company, with its roots in the former GVA shipyard, has over 20 years of experience with semis for various applications, including accommodation, drilling and production. It has an extensive background in floating production semisubmersibles, having designed more than 50% of those operating. Its design reference list includes Norsk Hydro's Visund and Troll C units and Statoil's Aasgard B.

Mechanical oil, gas seals

In centrifugal and screw pumps for multiphase, crude oil, and seawater applications, the mechanical seals often constitute a bottleneck. In subsea settings in particular, the costs of a seal brake can be high. Huhnseal has developed a series of high performance seals for these types of applications, some of which now have over 50,000 running hours. To improve the performance and running life further, the company has developed, over the past five years, a diamond coating on seal faces.

Largest hydraulic motor

Integrated Drives Sweden has developed a module-based hydraulic motor with an almost limitless torque range. The motor is intended for applications where very large torque is required such as turning of turrets, winches or cable drums. As the system is built up through use of standardized stocked components, it provides a cost-effective alternative to open gear drives. The motor will be offered with torque from 2,000,000 Nm (1,480,000 lb-ft) and upwards.

Tempered eyewash water

Krusman has developed a unique blending system for eyewashes that is equipped with a safe thermostat to eliminate the risk of scalding. This is important when there is a need to prolong the flushing time in cases where the victim has been exposed to splashes of corrosive substances that may attack the eyes or skin. If only cold water is accessible, it may be difficult for the victim to endure the required flushing time.

HIP manufacturing techniques

Metso Powdermet has won major challenging contracts from the offshore industry in recent years. Its near net shape, HIP-ed products are supplied from the world's largest hot isostatic processing (HIP) facility, located in Surahammar, Sweden. Applications for this technique are found mainly among pressure vessel items such as manifolds for topside or subsea installations, valve bodies, swivels, wye-pieces and large thick-walled fittings.

Mooring components

Moorlink, founded in 1995, specializes in tailor-made mooring components. It has developed a series of fittings, including swivel links, wire clamps, chain clamps and can also provide customized components. Clients are mainly drilling contractors, anchorhandler operators, oil com-panies, floating production operators and marine equipment companies. One of its newest products is the multi-functional Ball Swivel. This was designed using 3D CAD models and finite element analysis.

Difficult communication

For over half a century, Peltor has been developing and supplying communication headsets for noisy environments. The new Peltor H10 headset features a unique double shell construction and a built-in, noise-compensated microphone. This enables its users to undertake clear and reliable communication even under extreme surrounding noise levels, and yet be protected from hearing damage at all times.

Titanium applications

Permascand delivers customized titanium products where corrosion resistance or high strength/low weight ratio is crucial. Based on 30 years' experience of working with titanium, it can offer designs or manufactured solutions in titanium for pipe spools for firefighting and exhaust systems, lightweight and flexible clamps, frames for subsea vehicles, electronic pods, subsea intervention tools, and titanium nitrided hydraulic pistons. Some products are guaranteed to withstand corrosion for 30 years. (Website: www.permascand.com)

Borehole surveying

Reflex Instrument, based in Vallentuna, Sweden, is a leading manufacturer of instruments for measurement of borehole deviations at drilling (borehole surveying). The main applications are offshore/onshore drilling, exploration, mining, tunneling, and ground engineering. The company develops its own products, the Reflex Maxibor, the Reflex EMS (Electronic Multishot) and the Reflex EZ-Shot (Electronic single shot).

Mechanical shaft seals

Roplan is a Swedish company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of mechnical shaft seals. Since its formation in 1977, Roplan has progressed into a global supplier partnering multi-national OEM companies.

Specialized steels

SSAB Tunnplat Special Steels provides customized, special steels from its cold reduction mill in Lulea, Sweden for use in a variety of offshore applications. Deliveries can be tailored from a very wide range of grades. Since the company produces high strength steel grades with good formability, the sheet thickness can be reduced, affording scope for cutting weight. For all the company's grades, priority is given to formability.

Torpedo technology ROVs

Torpedo production started in Sweden in 1910, and as a result, Saab Bofors Underwater Systems today possesses wide-ranging experience and know-how in underwater technology. The company is known for its ROVs, which feature a unique control system that provide 360 degrees of freedom in all attitudes. More than 100 such systems have been delivered to customers worldwide for commercial and military applications.

Fire fighting systems

Svenska Skum, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco, designs, makes, and sells fixed firefighting systems for marine and industrial applications worldwide. It is based in Gothenburg, with a subsidiary in The Netherlands. Marine firefighting is handled from its office in Moss, Norway. The group can supply complete Fi-Fi systems for tugs, fireboats and platform supply vessels, including system design, manufacturing, turnkey delivery and commissioning. Other marine applications include deck foam systems for tankers, helideck protection, and HotFoam systems.

Oil spill surveillance

Swedish Space Corporation, known for its work on airborne systems for the surveillance of oil spills, has introduced the MSS 5000 system. Radar and infra-red images of an oil spill are geo-corrected and overlaid on an electronic map in real time to display the location and extent of the spill. The overview is also translated via a data link to ship or shore for real time management information.

Plate heat exchangers

Thermal equipment for offshore platforms must be able to withstand corrosive media and environments, and must also be extremely compact. SWEP's plate heat exchanger designs, in combination with lightweight, flexible and corrosion-resistant materials, are well suited to these tough demands. The company has repre-sentative service groups for the Norwegian and UK sectors and also for the US market, based in Houston.

Gas turbine systems provider

Volvo Aero Corporation, Land & Marine Gas Turbines (LMGT) develops, manufactures, and sells complete systems based on Volvo Aero's industrial gas turbines - the VT 600, VT 2600, VT 4400 (formerly DR990) - as well as providing maintenance for LM 1600 and Allison 570 gas turbines. LMGT aftermarket activities started in 1990 when it was commissioned to overhaul Phillips' Allison 570K gas turbines on the Ekofisk Field. Current maintenance contacts include two LM 1600 gas turbines, operated by Maersk Contractors in the North Sea.

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