Composite riser

ABB Vetco Gray devel-oped a composite-drilling riser system.

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Th 6102os04
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ABB Vetco Gray devel-oped a composite-drilling riser system. The riser body combined with the company's Geometric TrapTM metallic-end connection has under-gone 10 years of laboratory testing. Results show that subjecting the riser system to static and cyclic tension and bending loads does not affect the composite body or end fittings. The company plans to incorporate the same prototype on a rig for several tours of duty.

Welding generator

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Miller Electric's weld-ing generator, Big Blue 502, withstands corrosion work often found on platforms. The generator provides 20-600 amps of DC welding output. The stainless version features rust-proof 304 brushed case and hardware, three varnish layers on the reactor, a sealed rectifier to shield connections, extra sealing and greasing of the connection box, and an epoxy electro-coated base.

Electric heating

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Electric heating is an alternative to prevention and remediation of hydrate plugs having potentially high reliability and little adverse operational impact, accord-ing to Alcatel Kabel Norge AS, a communications comp-any, and Thermotite, an insulation company. The companies claim that direct heating may improve reliability and reduce operational costs of subsea fields.

Control valves

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WelkerJet®Control Valves and configurations are described in the company's new six-page, color brochure. The three configurations - top-entry, flanged, and insert - are designed with a pneumatically-operated diaphragm motor, providing hydraulic pressure to operate the valve's piston and cylinder. A rubber plug expands radially under pressure from the system, sealing against the inside of a fixed liner.

Drilling measurement service

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Halliburton Company uses its PWD® Measurement Service to measure annular and internal pressure, while drilling to calculate ECD and monitor hole-cleaning effectiveness. The service is part of the drilling Efficiency Equipment Package (D.E.E.P.TM Service), which minimizes exploration risk, decreases drilling hazards, and keeps wells on target.

Shipping software introduces free shipping software to search charter requirements, ship sales and cargoes, ship owner's capacity and availability 24 hours a day, everyday. The site includes a database of 22,000 companies and 92,000 vessel records. Specific shipping sectors can be located within the company's 14 websites.

EP technology

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Shell Technology EP offers assistance in wells, production facilities, integrated activities, and geosciences. The geoscience division works on subsurface imaging, subsurface risk management, integrated reservoir simulation, and recovery modeling. The well division works on hard rock drilling, integrated water and gas management, intelligent wells, and expandable tubulars. Health, safety, and environment are also part of the company program.

Internet control system

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Seimen's Moore Process Automation released an internet control system called Procidia with a HART analog output module, a voltage input module, and a non-HART analog input module. The updated online monitoring capabilities allows the customer to monitor performance of the controller directly from the configuration software.

Rod guide construction material

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R&M Energy Systems introduced the SB-1, a material for construction for the company's line of New Era® and Patco® Rod Guides. The material extends service life of rod guides and minimizes tubing wear by using self-lubricants.

Drill-in fluid polymers

Hanseland BV introduces Emfloc, polymers for drill-in fluid systems. Emfloc SXT is a viscosifier with shear thinning properties for higher temperature operations, while Emfloc CR is a visco-sifier and fluid loss additive with high tolerance for CaCl2. Both are potato-starch based drilling fluid additives, which until recently risked rapid thermal degradation.

Oil-water separator

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Heli-Sep® is an oil-water separator for bilge water treatment. Coffin World Water Systems designed the separator with a self-cleaning polishing pack and permanent coalescing matrix to reduce filter replacement. The company's line of separators includes the Ultra-Sep® oily water separator that uses a two-stage system for removing emulsions and free oil to lower discharge levels required in some ports.

Geotextile fabric

The Saddle Bag WeightTM from CRC-Evans Weighting Systems, Inc. and Saddle Tech, Inc. is a sand or aggregate-filled geotextile fabric weight designed to set onto or strap onto pipelines. CRC will exclusively market the product as a result of an agreement between CRC and Saddle Tech, Inc.

Membrane accumulator

Pronal designed a flexible membrane accumulator that neutralizes effects of excess pressure pipes, mainly in the valves. The product is designed to eliminate the water-hammer effect caused by pressure differentials when liquids flow through pipes of decreasing dimensions. The product prevents damage in distribution circuits.

Pipe analysis and design software

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Coade, Inc. released the Caesar II Version 4.30, an updated edition of the company's software for pipe stress analysis and design. The software includes updated piping codes and an enhanced load-case editor with additional combination types, user load names and selective output specifications.

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