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Alimak specializes in rack and pinion-driven lifts for industrial locations and has more than 25 years' experience of offshore applications.

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Access and maintenance lifts

Alimak specializes in rack and pinion-driven lifts for industrial locations and has more than 25 years' experience of offshore applications. The modular-built lifts are adaptable in size and capacity and do not need a machine room or lift shaft. The lifts, which are available in explosion-protected designs, provide safe and convenient access in hull columns, derricks, flare towers, and platform modules. Recent offshore references include the Kvitebjørn and Valhall developments in the North Sea, Rig 184 for GlobalSantaFe, and the new Khazar and Mærsk-owned semsiubmersibles for the Caspian. www.alimak.com

Stainless steel pipes

AST-Storfors belongs to the AvestaPolarit Stainless Tube group, a large pipe and tube producer in Europe. The oil and gas business – heavy wall pipe – has been devolved to Storfors. The company has the flexibility to offer customized pipe solutions to customers such as Aramco, BHP, Chiyoda, Hyundai, Kellogg, NAM, Shell, and Statoil. As an integrated part of the AvestaPolarit Group, AST can also supply a unique range of stainless steel products in addition to pipes. www.asttube.com

Water purification

BenRad Marine Technology, a sister company to Wallenius Lines, specializes in water treatment for the marine and offshore industries. The company provides advanced oxidation technology to treat water contaminated by microorganisms, including bacteria. Its compact titanium purifiers can remove harmful chemicals and microorganisms from technical water systems, condensation water, and drinking water supplies. The treatment reduces use of chemicals significantly and increases the amount of water that can be recycled onboard. A ballast water treatment system is currently under development. www.benradmarine.com

Clean air for turbo-machinery

Reliability of gas turbines, compressors, and engines depends on clean filtered air to perform efficiently. With 25 years of experience in supplying air intake and acoustic systems for turbo-machinery, Camfil Farr – which has offices in Sweden, Belgium, Canada, and the USA – offers complete systems for all types of environments. The company's products include a complete range of barrier and filter systems for offshore, marine, and land-based installations; Pulsejet filters for desert and heavy dust-load installations; and acoustic systems, including inlet and exhaust silencers and acoustic enclosures with vent systems. Customers include Alstom Power, Dresser-Rand, General Electric, and Rolls-Royce. www.camfilfarr.com

Control equipment, noise protection

DalaOffshore is a group of Swedish companies that provide a range of equipment and services to the offshore sector. Depending on the size of the project, members work as independent suppliers or in partnership. Remote Control Sweden makes and markets advanced actuators with accessories for standard and special valves. Dellner Brakes designs, makes, and markets hydraulic disc brakes for emergency shutdown, stopping, and holding brake applications. Hedemora Industriakustik specializes in acoustic insulation for diesel and gas turbine engines, ventilation, and steam management. Allards provides design and fabricates heat exchangers, associated pressure vessels, and skid-mounted packages. Siljan Stainless designs and produces a wide range of stainless steel products such as tanks, piping systems and process vessels. www.dalaoffshore.com

Steel fabrication

Deform fabricates industrial products, pressure vessel heads, cones, and tubes in most common steel grades, as well as special products made from quenched and tempered steels. These include formed heavy plate details in Weldox and Hardox and armor steels. The company also has fabricated complex shapes for the art world. In 2000-2001, it supplied 304 panels, each unique in shape and size, for the hull of a conference hall in Berlin, designed by architect Frank O. Gehry. www.deform.se

Drinking water treatment

E.C.T. Offshore Service offers comprehensive services for the treatment of drinking water offshore. Its systems have operated on over 250 rigs and platforms, many of which have annual service contracts with E.C.T. Due to the company's close cooperation with the Norwegian government, it can ensure that the installations fulfill their requirement for this service. E.C.T. also runs courses "Drinking water treatment for offshore personnel." www.ectoffshore.se

Galley and laundry appliances

For the last three decades, Electrolux Marine has supplied food service and laundry equipment to the offshore sector. Galleys and laundry onboard platforms, rigs, and supply vessels need to be equipped with the sturdiest and most heavy-duty equipment available. Electrolux is continually updating and refining its product range, and also focuses on hygiene, economics, safety, and after-sales service. www.electrolux-professional.com

On/offline turbine cleaning

Gas Turbine Efficiency develops, makes, and markets systems for gas turbine cleaning with high efficiency, while minimizing impact on the environment by keeping CO2 and NOx levels as low as possible. The GTE concept provides a high degree of atomization of heated water or detergent through specially designed nozzles, operating at pressures of 50-80 bar. The benefits compared to lower pressure systems are improved wash efficiency, optimized use of water/detergent, and use of the same nozzles for both on- and offline washes. The company's latest system is designed to minimize the need for revenue-losing, unscheduled shutdowns, i.e., necessita-ting an offline wash. The new system allows the turbine to be washed at part or base load without putting the operation at risk – and again, with consequent savings in water and components. www.gte.se

Riser/moorings analysis

Glisco Optekon provides OCED cost-effective design software to optimize design of the riser/floater/mooring system interaction for FPSOs. This software allows the user, for instance, to design a fatigue optimized floating system with steel catenary risers in deepwater. www.optekon.com

Semisubmersible design

GVA Consultants, one of the world's leading designers of semisubmersible platforms, has designed more than half of the purpose-built floating production units around the work, in addition to a large number of drilling and accommodation units. Currently, the company is engaged in four newbuild projects: Thunder Horse and Atlantis for BP, Kristin for Statoil, and Khazar for NIOC. www.gvaconsultants.com

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The GVA 3000 production semisubmersible.
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Winch performance

Hagglunds has been working with manufacturers and operators of winches to optimize applications for 40 years. The Hagglunds name is known for per-formance and reliability, particularly with mooring and lifting applications. Typical features of the company's winch drives are: high power (up to 1.2 mw); accurate, constant tension at low and even zero speed with very high mechanical and starting efficiency; no stick-slip effects; strong low-speed performance, and low inertia, providing highly responsive controls. www.hagglunds.com

Hot isostatic processing

Metso Powdermet has won several major contracts from the offshore industry in recent years. HIPed PM Near Net Shape products are supplied from the world's largest hot isostatic processing facility, in Surahammar, Sweden. Main applications are pressure vessel items such as manifolds for topside and subsea installations, valve bodies, swivels, eye-pieces, and large wall thickness fittings. Material grades used are primarily high strength stainless steel: ferritic 12%Cr, 6Mo austenitic and 22-25%Cr duplex ferritic/austenitic grades with high corrosion resistance. Products are made in sizes up to 15 tons, 1:2 m OD and 2.8 m long. www.powdermet.com

High-density concrete

Minelco uses the unique properties of magnetite to produce MagnaDense, a high grade, natural aggregate with high density. MagnaDense is used as loose ballast or aggregate to produce high-density concrete. Due to its high specific gravity, the product is suited to ballasting concrete constructions such as rigs and caissons. Concrete produced using this material also brings advantages for pipe coatings and other subsea constructions. Other applications include coastal protection, radiation shielding, and counterweights. www.minelco.com

Accommodation modules

Pharmadule Emtunga is a leading supplier of offshore accommodation. Between 2002 and 2004, the company will deliver more than 10 offshore quarters modules to areas such as the North Sea, Caspian Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Far East. The company claims to fabricate to high quality standards and produces light weight modules on schedule and meeting all applicable classification requirements. Its health safety and environment record includes no lost time incidents. www.emtunga.com

Pocket-size 15-ton jack

Simson's smallest jack weighs a mere 3.7 kg, but can still lift 15 metric ton weights. This heavy lift capability extends to the company's entire range of jacks, which repair technicians and construction specialists use worldwide. Each jack is equipped with a safety valve located on the pump side and set to trip at 825 bar. The Simson Compact is designed with a factor of safety of 3 against overloading, and a factor of safety of 4 against failure.

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A Simson jack.
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Airborne sea/spill surveillance

Swedish Space Corp. has developed a new generation of its airborne surveillance system. The MSS 6000 could be a useful tool for offshore operators as well as for traditional US Coast Guard users. In this new system, not only radar and infra-red images, but also AIS and satellite transponder data is integrated into the electronic situation awareness map to give a detailed and up to date overview of conditions on the sea surface. This overview is transmitted via a data link to the ship or shore to provide real time management information. www.ssc.se

Diesel engines

The marine commercial range from Volvo Penta has grown substantially in recent years, with engines both for propulsion and marine generating sets from 70-1,700 Kw, including Zone 2 versions. This is one of the widest selections available to the offshore sector. The company's service network is also growing and covers virtually all parts of the world. www.volvopenta.com

Spill-free handling

Todo has manufactured and supplied couplings and valves for the oil and chemical industries for over 30 years. The company's most notable product is the Todo-Matic Dry Break coupling, designed for spill-free connection and disconnection where aggressive and environmentally dangerous liquids are transferred. Todo-Matic is used extensively by contractors in the North Sea, the Far East, and Australasia. Typical media transferred by Todo-Matic are corrosion-protected liquids, glycol, diesel, methanol, helicopter fuel, and drinking water. The system is most frequently used by supply vessels delivering liquids to platforms in 4-in. and 6-in. sizes, while smaller sizes are used to deliver chemicals from smaller containers. www.todo.se

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