Norwegian company profiles

April 1, 2006
ABB Marine claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of electric propulsion systems and also the leading supplier of comprehensive electrical solutions to the marine industry.

ABB Marine

ABB Marine claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of electric propulsion systems and also the leading supplier of comprehensive electrical solutions to the marine industry. The company has wide-ranging expertise in maritime engineering, electric power drives, and automation technology. ABB is a global organization, with two centers of excellence and local presence close to major shipyards and operators. By coordinating its resources, it can execute projects and services anywhere in the world.


Bergesen Worldwide Offshore develops, owns, and operates oil and gas FPSOs. The operational head office is in Oslo. The company has assets operating in Nigeria, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea, and Russia, and it has recently established a strategic co-operation in Malaysia. It is currently converting the first FPSO to operate in the Gulf of Mexico.


ClampOn claims to be the largest international supplier in volume terms of passive ultrasonic systems for sand/particle monitoring. Its range of particle monitors, pig detectors, leak, and corrosion-erosion monitors are based on the same, proven technology platform. Both topsides and subsea instruments incorporate digital signal processing, complete digitalization-eliminating analogue filters, circuits, and amplifiers. The company’s ultrasonic intelligent sensor processes all data in the sensor itself (patented principle), allowing the instrument to discriminate between sand-generated and flow-generated noise.


DNV, established in 1864, is an independent foundation which aims to safeguard life, property, and the environment. It is also a leading international provider of service for managing risk. DNV also describes itself as a knowledge-based organization, its prime assets being the expertise of its engineering and technical staff, which comprise the majority of its 5,500 employees. The company is based in Oslo, with 300 offices in 100 countries.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway offers products and services to increase innovation in industry and help develop Norway as a tourist destination. It has offices in all Norwegian counties and in more than 30 countries worldwide, with staff providing knowledge of local and international factors for business purposes.

Karmsund Maritime Offshore Supply

Karmsund Maritime Offshore Supply specializes in development and production of cost- and safety-efficient tools for the process and petrochemical industries. Its main products are the KaMOS portable valve actuator and the KaMOS leakage gaskets for sealing and surveillance of flanged connections. The company is also introducing a new leak test method for flanges with raised and flat face, the KaMOS Kammprofil gasket. The latter may be used several times in installations by applying new sealing material on the metallic core.

Modular Reel

Modular Reel has introduced a novel way to reduce the cost of storage, transportation, and installation of mooring lines in the international market. Based on its well-known technology from the 9.2 m M-Reel, the company is now delivering its first order of 28 x 55t payload rental M-Reels to the Gulf of Mexico. These are all being supplied with DNV type approval and ILO CG3 certification.

Oceaneering Rotator

Oceaneering Rotator designs and manufactures subsea and topside control valves, subsea chemical injection valves, and other control panels and systems used by the oil and gas industry. The emphasis in subsea valve designs is on reliability and adaptability for applications in 10,000 ft of water or beyond. The company’s factory features a modern machine shop with computer numerically controlled (CNC) and numerically controlled (NC machines). Other facilities include equipment for deepwater valve tests, high pressure testing, and multiple clean rooms.

Offshore Northern Seas

ONS, which claims to be Europe’s leading petroleum industry meeting place, will be staged this year on August 22-25. The ONS conference and exhibition has been held every other year since 1974 in Stavanger, Norway’s oil capital. Its associated oil festival provides a unique opportunity to combine business with relationship building. In 2004, 1,100 exhibitors from over 30 countries filled 17,189 sq m of stand space, and close to 800 delegates attended the conference. More than 33,000 people from around 90 countries attended the four-day event.


Statoil is a fully integrated oil and gas company with activities in exploration, production, transport, refining, and marketing. Statoil operates nearly 60% of Norway’s total oil and gas production, and is the world’s third-largest net seller of crude oil. It is also one of the leading suppliers of gas to the European market, and is involved in large gas projects in Azerbaijan and Algeria, as well as operating the world’s first LNG facility in the Arctic, Snohvit. Additionally, the group has a substantial deep water portfolio in the US Gulf of Mexico.