SLB, Quorum release new field development planning tool

June 29, 2023
Companies say a new digital technology can cut planning time by up to 50%.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON and LONDON — SLB and Quorum Software have released a joint digital planning solution that promises to reduce field development planning by up to 50%.

The tool leverages Quorum’s Planning Space business planning and petroleum economics offering within the FDPlan agile field development planning technology  from SLB. The integrated technology is said to enable automatic evaluation of project economics and enhance collaboration to cut the time required for field development planning. This allows customers to analyze a broader range of development scenarios and make better global investment decisions, faster.

The tool is designed to bring petroleum economics data into the earliest stage of asset evaluation and incorporates corporate standard fiscal regimes, prices, and currencies. Subsurface data, domain workflows and corporate decision-making are united, increasing collaboration between development geoscientists, engineers and petroleum economics teams for faster and better-informed decisions.

Quorum and SLB’s agreement to integrate their solutions within the cloud-based Delfi digital platform was initially announced in June 2022, and it is now commercially available.