Royal IHC takes stake in Rotterdam shipyard group

Royal IHC has acquired 50% of the share capital of Rotterdam Offshore Group.

Offshore staff

KINDERDIJK, the NetherlandsRoyal IHC has acquired 50% of the share capital of Rotterdam Offshore Group (ROG).

The aim is to strengthen IHC’s ship repair and conversion capabilities through adding a dedicated facility in Rotterdam, with uninterrupted access to open sea.

ROG provides lay-by facilities for vessels up to 300 m (984 ft) long, heavy-lift crane capacity, a large yard area, and a fully equipped workshop. The site has supported various conversion, ship repair and (de)mobilization projects for some of the largest offshore and maritime contractors.

Royal IHC designs and building vessels and equipment for the offshore, dredging, and mining sectors, and manages major renovations and ship repair projects in other parts of the world.

By joining forces with ROG, the company aims to expand its services for complex renovations and conversions for the entire spectrum of offshore and other vessels.

Executive Director of IHC Services Diederik van Rijn said: “We currently see opportunities to better facilitate conversions of existing vessels and equipment that are currently laying idle due to the ongoing crisis in the market.”


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