PNEC petroleum data management conference to feature global case studies

The 21st PNEC International Conference and Exhibition on Petroleum Data Integration, Information, and Data Management will take place May 16-18 at the Marriott Houston Westchase.

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HOUSTON– The 21st PNEC International Conference and Exhibition on Petroleum Data Integration, Information, and Data Management will take place May 16-18 at the Marriott Houston Westchase.

More than 50 exhibiting companies are expected to share, learn, and connect in a forum dedicated to addressing the challenges in today’s complex data systems integration and management.

This year, the Advisory Board has put together a program containing more than 35 presentations.

The conference will open with the plenary session on Tuesday, May 16, from 8:30-9:45 a.m. The 2017 Advisory Board Chair Cynthia Schwendeman, Data Management Advisor, Hess Corporation, will deliver opening remarks. The keynote speaker is Peter Aiken, Founding Director of Data Blueprint, a consulting firm that helps organizations leverage data for competitive advantage and operational efficiencies. He is also Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University, past President of the International Data Management Association, and Associate Director of the MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers.

Following the opening plenary session, the morning continues with presentations. Teradata will discuss why the analytics potential is not being delivered in E&P. Ray Wall will describe the keys to building a powerful information management community. Shell will outline the delivery of non-proximity process elements for corporate technical subsurface data and geo-information management through an in-sourced cost-optimized partner.

The afternoon kicks off with the PPDM Association discussing why the industry and regulators must increase efficiency and effectiveness and develop mechanisms to enable transparent access to information. The IBM Research Center and UFRGS will formalize the concepts defined in the PPDM document “What is a well?” and present them through a well-founded domain ontology. Energistics will discuss how data management objectives are enabled by the data transfer standard WITSML.

The final sessions on Tuesday afternoon are divided into two tracks. In Track 1, ConocoPhillips will describe the data curation processes it has established to accelerate the delivery of analytical products, and to make previously inaccessible data sources available for use by data science projects across the enterprise. Common Data Access Ltd. will share the results and lessons learned from its challenge to the data science community to demonstrate the value that could be realized in applying current data science techniques to well and seismic data. Devon Energy Corp. will cover the evolution of its borehole data management capabilities.

In Track 2, EP Energy will discuss how to engage users, maintain data quality, and have robust data governance without a lot of overhead. Schlumberger will outline how to integrate physical asset archives into a digital information management legacy. HUVRData LLC will examine the process of data transfer, ingestion, storage and access for drone-based inspection and mapping.

Wednesday’s conference sessions will be divided into two tracks.

For Track 1, Wednesday morning kicks off with CDA (a consortium of Chevron, Shell, and Total) discussing the development of a Masters-level curriculum in petroleum data management. IFP School and ENSG, two French engineering schools, will describe the training objectives and workshops that are carried in their new graduate program called Petroleum Data Management. ConocoPhillips, IntegraShare Solutioneering, and PPDM will address the PPDM Professional Development Committee’s value statement and current efforts.

Wednesday morning continues with Statoil and Teradata discussing an analytical discovery project using the operational data from seismic acquisition – air gun data, GPS data, weather, tide, and the recorded seismic signals themselves. It also will address what affects the seismic signal, and how standard data management practices need to change to support near-real-time decisions during acquisition. ConocoPhillips will cover its global effort to revise the end to end processes for managing well log data sets. PETRONAS will present on the implementation of the PCSB Well Inventory Management system as well as highlight the results from the idle well reactivation program since the implementation of the system in August 2015.

The afternoon will start with ConocoPhillips describing a low-cost solution for information management training by creatively repurposing existing resources to create an interactive, self-paced course in SharePoint. EP Energy will highlight integrating utilization data and domain knowledge for managing existing resources and developing cost-effective business opportunities. Halliburton - Landmark will discuss how delivering quality data to the end user requires a dynamic ecosystem.

Wednesday will conclude with a panel discussion on the future of petroleum data management. The panel will consist of leading experts in the energy industry in an open and thought-provoking discussion around how the industry will change in the future, and how to prepare for that now.

For Track 2, Wednesday morning starts with Shell Global Solutions and Sarawak Shell Bhd discussing how fostering development of technical data management as a community group led to easier deployment and greater adoption of standard practices. Troika International will address the issue of what more can be done to stop oil companies and major contractors from using ancient formats that were created for nine track tape in the early 1970s to using updated formats such as SEG-D_3.1 and SEG-Y_2. TOTAL will discuss the development of a full geoscience and reservoir platform by implementing a complete workflow for 2G&R studies: Sismage-CIG. This development aligns with industry standards – Energistics’s RESQML and WITSML – but also in link with PRODML. It will highlight some of the technical aspects that have led to improved operational efficiency and interoperability.

Wednesday morning continues with BHP Billiton and GeoComputing describing how a new ID system can further a company’s data analysis capability to create more business value. Texas A&M University and IntegraShare Solutioneering Inc. will share the results of a first-ever educational needs assessment that surveyed oil and gas GIS professionals on the skills and competencies required of new hires in the petroleum industry. EnergySys Ltd. will describe a structure for companies interested in adopting the Cloud, and address the issues of security, resilience, and data management. Permian Resources LLC will cover working with multiple data types, multiple data sources, and data transformation all in a way to help master data wrangling techniques and strategies. Halliburton, Petrobras, and Infotec will discuss a data management methodology adopted by a major operator to reduce time lost interpreting management projects and to improve geophysical and geological data access in a business area of interest.

Thursday morning will begin with how Shell is building and managing technical data management capabilities and support that meets the specific requirements of the subsurface communities. EP Energy will cover solving the small data challenge or unlicking the hidden potential in data a company already has. Teradata will focus on how the Internet of Things promises to be a business revolution that will fundamentally restructure the way that B2B companies operate.

The morning continues with a presentation from the PPDM Association that will not only celebrate the professional recognition of data managers but also will lay out the road map for the future of data management as a recognized professional discipline. Noah Consulting and Repsol Exploration SA will discuss a benchmark study that focuses on how well organizations are equipped to enable effective decision making through the use of information management. Consulting Pte Ltd. will highlight how high-level reference information models allow organizations to focus on data domains which are shared across multiple disciplines and which support critical asset operations during a price downturn.

Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet and greet colleagues on theexhibition floor and to learn about new products and services.

The event will conclude with an annual awards ceremony recognizing outstanding contributors to the E&P data integration, information, and data management community. The primary award is the Philip C. Crouse Cornerstone Award. It recognizes distinguished contributions in the application of technical data and information principles, and outstanding achievements in or contributions to the advancement of upstream petroleum data and information management as a profession and a craft. The Cornerstone Award was initiated in 2006 for the 10th anniversary of the conference by Philip C. Crouse, founding organizer of PNEC Conferences.

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