Wood Group teams up with real-time video collaboration provider

Wood Group has signed a collaborative agreement with Librestream Technologies.

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ABERDEEN, UKWood Group has signed a collaborative agreement with Librestream Technologies.

The two companies will work in an exclusive industry-specific partnership to provide advanced business solutions for operations, maintenance, and integrity challenges.

Wood Group said that the solutions will combine its industry knowledge with Librestream’s real-time virtual video collaboration digital application.

Under the partnership, Wood Group and Librestream will also co-develop a number of new technologies designed to reduce the time for problem solving and associated implementation, which it says will increase productivity at remote sites both onshore and offshore.

Steve Wayman, head of strategy and development at Wood Group, said: “We believe that significant streamlining of many traditional duration-based activities through the application of smart technology such as this can be a game-changer for the industry.

“We have been working with Librestream for some time to test prototype digital devices in real-life operational situations and under this agreement we will leverage their existing pioneering technologies and explore new development opportunities that will grow our combined offering, further enabling Wood Group to solve life cycle cost challenges faster and with greater certainty.”

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, Librestream has provided video collaboration technology to a range of industries worldwide since 2007.


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