Halliburton unveils real-time coiled tubing services

Halliburton’s Production Solutions business line has introduced Spectrum real-time coiled tubing services.

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HOUSTON – Halliburton’s Production Solutions business line has introduced Spectrum real-time coiled tubing services. This suite of services is designed to deliver more accurate, more complete downhole measurements, and reliability.  

The new suite of services comprises two complementary offerings: Spectrum Diagnostic Services and Spectrum Intervention Services. These services integrateHalliburton’s coiled tubing with downhole measurement tools, fiber-optic sensing, and telemetry to deliver complete, accurate real-time data.

The company says operators are better able to minimize uncertainty, assess reservoir performance, and monitor wellbore conditions, which helps improvewell intervention operations and production.

Spectrum Diagnostic Services delivers fiber-optic distributed sensing through coiled tubing to assess well productivity and completions effectiveness by identifying fracture initiation points across the wellbore and profiling production.

An alternative to traditional production logs, it can monitor a time series of data across the entire wellbore as opposed to single snapshots in time. Applications include determining stimulation cluster efficiency, fracture mapping, production profiling, leak detection, and assessment of wellbore integrity.

Ahmed El Demerdash, vice president of Halliburton’s Production Solutions business line, said: “Spectrum Diagnostic Services is one of the first technologies to provide this detailed analysis on a per stage basis for the entire length of the wellbore.”

Spectrum Intervention Services delivers real-time monitoring from a bottomhole assembly, with modular sensors for measuring depth correlation with casing collar locator and gamma ray, internal and external pressure and temperature, tool inclination, torque, tension, and compression.

Compared to standard operations where only surface parameters are available, downhole insight from the new offering helps reduce operational risk and increase precision to deliver better wells. Applications include milling, wellbore cleanouts, fishing, perforating, stimulation, and completion equipment manipulation.

“In this economic environment, customers are evaluating the effectiveness of completion methods and looking to minimize the number of trips downhole,” El Demerdash said. “They also want to identify areas of greatest production contribution to determine how best to extend the life of the well. Spectrum Real-Time Coil Tubing Services enables customers to improve connectivity to the reservoir and reduce uncertainty. These services are designed for customers seeking to increase returns on every well.”


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