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Apr 1, 2014
Volume 74, Issue 4

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Top SSTB 2014 Conference Moments

Top Subsea Tieback 2014 Conference Moments

Checkout a slideshow covering the highlights of the 2014 Subsea Tieback Conference.

Bexco Rope, Your Solution

Bexco Rope Product. Your Solution.

Discover how BEXCO develops its Deep Rope® solution for deep-water mooring for the world’s largest drilling and FPSO projects

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Technical Brief

Advances in Subsea Recovery

Subsea processing technologies enable offshore fields to reach their full potential. Subsea processing systems have been in existence for years.  Today, they are a proven solution for accelerating production and increasing recovery from hard-to-access offshore reserves.  FMC Technologies is leading the way with development and supply of subsea processing technologies, such as: separation, boosting and compression.

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White Papers

Design Considerations for Real-Time Operating Centers: Best Practices for Asset Integrity and Secure Information Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry faces a multitude of complex business challenges. Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is an overarching approach designed to address these challenges by getting people, processes and technology working together to improve productivity, safety and security, while also protect...

Don't Buy…Make Your Own! Dedicated Nitrogen Generation Systems in Offshore E&P

 The use of nitrogen in the offshore oil and gas industry has a decades-long history, and continues to play an integral role in the day-to-day operations aboard mobile offshore drilling units, FPSO’s, and drill ships around the world.  Many applications, such as the blanketing or inerti...


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