Marine software platform optimizes offshore operations

This article was first published in Hart's E&P Magazine

The ocean can be a busy place. Any offshore field might house a platform or FPSO unit that needs to be visited by various support vessels on a regular basis.

In an article in the November 2015 issue of First Break, authors from ION Geophysical outlined some of the hazards that face seismic vessels offshore. In one case, a container ship ran over the tail end of the streamers, causing damage to equipment. In another case, a seismic vessel was scheduled to make close passes to an FPSO unit when the operator suspended the survey because a tanker was scheduled to arrive. The tanker was delayed by four days, and the survey vessel had to stand by to finish the shoot. This led to unplanned downtime and increased cost.

The article explained that this scenario resulted from a failure of situational awareness , meaning that there wasn’t full comprehension of the current situation. Due to the complexity of offshore operations, ION developed a system that improves SA not only for seismic vessel operators but for a broader range of operations.

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