DOWNLOAD: Digitizing offshore fleet management Marlin

Marlin is the only commercially available marine intelligent system that combines temporal project planning with 3D spatial situational awareness, and allows for playback and reporting, to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve safety performance for offshore fleet management.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Integrated digital solution to current manual and disparate marine operations processes
  • Coordinated route optimization for a single vessel or a fleet of vessels via algorithms
  • Fuel efficiency – vessel speed deviation monitoring for fuel efficient transit and compliance with operational guidelines
  • Automated recording of events and activities, with full time-slide audit trail for conflict resolution
  • Improved situational awareness – automatic detection of safety breaches or potential incidents
  • A governance model in every facility where the solution is deployed
  • World class customer support and training – dedicated support team available 24/7

This white paper is sponsored by ION.