SeaSCAN acquires M/V SeaSCAN Speculator

SeaSCAN has purchased the M/V SeaSCAN Speculator.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON – SeaSCAN has purchased the M/VSeaSCAN Speculator. The purpose-built vessel is designed to operate marine seismic source air gun arrays in water depths as shallow as 1.5 m (4.9 ft). The vessel is constructed from aluminum and features dual jet propulsion including two integrated 300 scfm Price A300 air compressors.

The vessel can support a variety of SeaSCAN source arrays from 220 cu in. up to 2,400 cu in. due to its custom launch and recovery “A” frame, which is capable of lifting 7,000 lbs.

Following modifications, M/V SeaSCAN Speculator has mobilized for its first contract. Using 4,220 array sleds for a total of 880 cu in., the vessel will be shooting offshore Trinidad in less than 2 m (6.6 ft) of water.

“With the vessel’s dual integrated air compressors, the company continues its focus on high quality performance” says Patrick Higginbotham, SeaSCAN’s operations manager. “Now we can provide customers with a suite of capabilities, from full turnkey Tri-Cluster or USW source packages or equipment and personnel only, using client-provided vessels.”


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