Polarcus unveils arctic-ready 3D seismic vessel

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DUBAI, UAE -- The Polarcus Asima naming ceremony at the Drydocks World - Dubai shipyard has unveiled the first arctic-ready 3D seismic vessel in the world and the largest vessel in the company's fleet, according to Polarcus.

TheAsima is an ULSTEIN SX134 design, has an overall length of 92 m (302 ft)  and a beam of 21 m (69 ft) plus an ICE-1A class from DNV, double hull, and a special ballast water treatment system. It can deploy 12 streamers of 9,000 m (5.6 mi) in length at 100 m (328 ft) separation, says Polarcus.

Pennwell web 200 132

Polarcus Asima naming ceremony at Drydocks World


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